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Saturday, 20 September 2008

All That I Need

I need time of my own
Away from home
Can't stand it no more
This anger I can't endure

I need time of my own
From all the grumbles
The yelling and swearing
The using and pointing

I need time of my own
Away from them all
To kill this anger
To whom I was before

I need time of my own
From hassles and bustles
The screaming and shouting
The gawking and ignoring

I need time of my own
Away from home
To spare me some time
And a peace of mind

People! Entertain me!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Pssst..I post a video in my blog. I don't know if u have seen it b4. Anyway pls watch it cause it will be fun if you follow my recommendation on the video :D kidding hehehe..

Suzila A said...

LOL!! Just seen it!! Hahaha!! You made my day! Thanks darl ekekeke =P

PS: I tried the moves. I feel like a hippo dancing to the tune hahaha! Hilarious video!! kekkeekee =D

Princess Gizmo said...

Hehehe :D glad u like it.. I even sing a long..Even my pupils hahaha..They love this video so much they laughed so hard everytime I played this one ;)

MamaShasha said...

hello...haha...i know Maya like this song. I think, I was there when she taught her students this song. pasal beats and pulse kan maya?hehe...

Suzila A said...

Owwh! Would love to see ScrapperMaya dance with her kids at school. Should be cute to watch :D

izz said... many 'frust' poems..touched when read all that..
Cheer up girl!!Happy2 yaaa...jangan la sedih2...

errr..haa?Dr.Cinta? laaaaaa baru perasan u put it next to my name yaaa...ahaksssss....;P

(wanna know something..i've sent msg to someone n asked him 'are we just a friend or more than a friend or any other possibilities?plz be frank wt me..'..n he answered 'izz, aku dah ada yang punya..kita rapat macam kita dulu2 zaman study..aku tak boleh tinggalkan dia..'..he also said that i'm late (at one time he came to me but i chased another guy so hemm..)..sis, u should ask him to give an explanation, honest lepas ni tak pening2 lagi..)
wish u all da best yaa...;)

Suzila A said...

Izz ... Sigh~ Ya laa. Recently my hormones have been affecting me so much so biasa la kalau really really down, I pour it all in my poem writings.

About my ex, ya I still love him. It's really hard to let go the 6-year relationship just like that. I guess, I'm still in denial ... Sigh~~

At the moment, I am seeing someone new but he's acting a bit mysterious about his status and all (I did ask you this in your blog entry a few days ago). Really thankful for your reply coz it's a wake-up call for me personally. So, that's why I called you MY DOCTOR CINTA since then ;)

Thanks a lot darling. I am coping with my dramatic life right now. I'm so glad I'm surrounded with girlfriends like you guys :D

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Ishh..kedapatan tia c normas gtau hahahaha... :p nanT ko normas!! Hehehe :D

Suzila A said...

Girls ... ekekkeke =P

MamaShasha said...

haha...awu suzi..menari kali ia ah masa ia mengajar...haha

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