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Sunday, 21 September 2008

My Day ... Night Out

Right okay ... I'm no longer 100% pissed. I feel better after talking to my cuzzie, Yanti, over MSN after Sahur yesterday. Thanks Ting!! - we use this nick when we're together; sort of our manja name ;) I didn't take my usual nap after Sahur yesterday and went straight to my work place to seek permission from the Boss to sign my permission form to go outside Brunei. It's approved. So later today, I'll be heading to Temburong by boat, drive Bahri's Vios and pass through Limbang then back to Brunei. The time's now 5.46am so I'll have roughly 2 hours nap after this.

Just wanna share a bit of my day (and night) out yesterday. I basically needed some air out of the house so yeah, my attempt to leave the house (metaphorically speaking) was a success, though I'd to come back and be suffocated again. At least, I felt better outside. Anyway, as I said in my previous entry, I met Danny (after that prank phone call) at Batu Bersurat. Before that, I took my mum and Bahri to shop, with me waiting in the car, napping. By 1pm, we reached home and later at 3pm, I met Danny. Naneh, his cousin, and Akep, his nephew, were there too.

From Batu Bersurat we went to Naneh's place. Danny and I had a quick discussion over our Camping Project and finally before leaving the house, Zaim, the Camp Song composer, sent us the song's lyrics to my mail. We liked the lyrics but we couldn't play the song. By 5pm, we left the house to have our Sungkai at Qlap. It was actually KFM Deejays and Chatters' Gathering Night and we got invited. Naneh is a close friend of Deejay Zurin. Zean joined us too. The night was fun and we loved the food. What's more, it was only $5.99! :D

Zean (Lady Guess), Naneh (Nadya) and Me (Mbassador)

Me and my best guy buddy, Danny: who is also annoying at many times grrrr!!! His looks may be deceiving but trust me! He's baaad!!!

Aha!! My girls caught on candid camera!! =P

Zean, Me,Danny, DJ Yanti, Naneh and DJ Zurin. My favourite DJ is Yanti =)

KFM Chatters, having a blast! Aming (black shirt with glasses) was really funny! ~ Aming damaaam ... kekeke =P

Later on, after dinner and photoshots sessions (chewah! Kambang!!), Danny, Zean and me went to the next door restaurant: Seafood Paradise. It looked awesome as they provided fresh (some live) seafood outside the restaurant. It's similar to the one's in KK, Sabah. We talked to the owner, asking for the price and all. They're not bad really. What's more, they have buffet of variety of seafood dishes for just B$12/head. She even invited us to have a taste! How nice! Danny and I surrendered but Zean took the chance straight away. She said the food's nice and very fresh. Right, ok! It's my (and Danny's) next dine out destination, definitely!!Here are some pictures that I took for you guys to see =)

The available fresh seafood displayed to be chosen by customers

The inside, cozy and comfy .. and yummy! =)

After dinner, I got home at around 8pm. Mum was busy with her newly bought curtains. We were kind of trapped with the hanging and decorating the house in the next hour. We were supposed to have our male cuzzies' futsal match last night at 10pm but we were forbidden to leave the house until all cleaning ups were done and curtains hung. 5 minutes to 10pm, Pudin and me left, leaving Azri behind. Menyamal! We reached Harun's Gym in Bandar at 10.15pm. The next two hours, we girls: me, Yanti and Jimah, were cheering the guys. We were there up till after 12am. We got home at almost 1am, with Pudin dripping with sweat.

It was really really nice to be out of the house. And today, I'm sure gonna enjoy my boat ride to Temburong and drive to Bandar.

Okay people, see ya!! And have a nice weekend!!! =)


KiDane said...

That Danny guy kind of cool ... Who's he? Kurus lagi toh...eheheh

Suzila A said...

Cool?? I did warn ya dude! His looks can be deceiving, if you know what I mean kekekke =P

PS: Prasan ko Dan!!! Hahaha!!! :D Give my blog link to Naneh k!! See ya later :)

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