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Friday, 26 September 2008

The Up-Date

It's now 12:48am of 26th Sept. I've been busy these past days. Last Tuesday, I'd to stay in the office at the Ministry working on the preparation for the meeting with the Director of Schools on the camping Danny and I are preparing. The next day, the meeting went well for an hour. She was impressed with what we have done with the camping. The rest of the day was tiring! We had to go to 2 places to confirm on the things related to the camping. What's worse, the day was hot! I felt extremely thirsty ...

Yesterday, I was at work, doing some unfinished business at Chief No2's office. By 1pm, I got home and done with all the typing. As promised, I cooked Lasagna for Danny. I made some for Mamashasha and of course, Sharul. It's his favourite dish so it's impossible to miss him from the list. The day before, Danny helped me with groceries at Beribi Supasave. We then had our sungkai at Soto Tinis in Lambak. We were the sole customers there 15 minutes before the Azan. Others came soon after though. We both ordered Soto Claypot. We decided to have Soto since we were still full after consuming all those pastas at Capers the night before. Fuhh!

Just now, I just completed the dessert for today's Bertahlil Ceremony later at 5pm. It took me hours doing that, Gosh! But the achievement of the day was, I finally bought the camera battery charger!! I'd to go to several places looking for it! Even the one that I purchased was actually had been booked by another customer. I don't wanna bother Mamashasha with my whining for asking her to charge my batteries now and then anymore. Mamashasha! Thanks and sorry for the trouble ya. Mwahzz!! :)

My new Sony battery charger. It cost me $128 ... erk!!

Okay people, gotta go to bed now. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day ... And I am already exhausted. Sigh~~

PS: Another reason why I had not been updating my page is because I had to open another one for us cousins. It took me quite a while to do so. Besides, I'd to teach my lil cuzzies on how to upload pixies on the blog. You could visit it here! You're most invited and hope you guys enjoy our page. We're yet to do final touches on it though.. Nitey nite people!!! :)


MamaShasha said...

No worries.Inda jua mneyusahkan..cuma takut masa u need ur battery atu..time aku nada di rumahkah..masa ku di tutong apa..haha...but ikhlas tu ling...

Suzila A said...

Thanks dearie :D Mmwahz!!

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