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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Early Morning

In class during lesson ...

Inspectors: Assalamualaikum ... *entering class*

Me & students: Waalaikummussalam ...

Inspector A: Cg Suzi! You bring drinks to class ah! You drink in class!!

Me: Huh? Sorry? I don’t…

Inspector: I saw you. I saw you drink Cg Suzi, don’t deny it!

Me: *blank* …

Inspector B: And the teacher from the other class said your class is very noisy. Your voice can be heard from the other class!
Me: Noisy?? *blank*

Inspectors: Yes!!

Inspector A: How do you teach students with that Cg Suzi??

Inspector B: I know with noisy class you can make students competitive. There’s a research on this but it doesn’t make students’ results improved!

Students: *whispering*

Me: *still shocked*

Inspector A: *walked to the students at the back of the classroom* Do you think that way you learnt better? Yes? No??

Student A: *nodded*

Inspector A: *walked to nodded student* Oh! You think so? You think you have got better marks in this subject? You think this way you … bla … bla … bla …

Student A: *shocked*started sobbing*

Me: *walked towards student A. By this time Inspector A turned around and almost bumped into me. I ignored her and put my hand on student A’s shoulder. Inspector A stood at the front of the classroom now*

Students: *a female student at the front seat started crying*others looked shocked*

Inspector B: *talking to the female student at the front* Why are you crying?? Stop crying!!

Student B: *sobbing now*

Student A: *covered his face with his book*crying*

Me: Shhh… It’s Ok. It’s Ok…

Inspector A: *babbling*

Me: *still soothing student A, exchanged look with student B in between*

Inspector A: Cg Suzi! Are you listening to what I’m saying?!

Me: *looked at inspector A then back to student A*

Inspector A: This is why I don’t like going to class and talk to teachers!!

Me: *turned around and looked at Inspector A*

Inspector A: *glared at me*

Me: *walked towards inspector A, boiling inside*

Inspector A: *still glaring at me*

Me: *wanted to say this*

I don’t mind you calling me whatever. Or criticizing my teaching techniques. But you CANNOT involve my students in this!!!

Inspectors: *looked at me*

Me: *still walking towards them*

Then …. Blank!!

I woke up from sleep!!

Sheesshhh!!! What a nightmare!!!


izz said...'s a dream...
phhewwwwwwwwwwwww.... ;P

Suzila A said...

Hehe! Luckily it was! If it was real, someone's definitely gonna get hurt!! I even woke up with racing heartbeats! Marah!! Kekeke =P

hazel said...

ler, baru nak komen maki kat that inspector..

Suzila A said...

Hehhehe :D Really Hazel! Bila aku baca balik, aku geram lagi tau! It seemed so real! Ishh!! Entah kenapa aku diaaaaam jer kena hentam macam tu! Cheh!! Tau2 bila nak attack balik, aku terbangun plak!! Lagi gerammmm!!! Grrr!!!

Princess Gizmo said...

Isshhhh saspen!!! Ingat nak ikut marahkan that s****d inspectors dah ni! Kan megintai konon!! Hahaha...Nasib baik mimpi!!

Suzila A said...

LOL!! Ya laa haaa! Nasib baik mimpi! Kwang3 hehehe =P

dismantleddoll said...

LOL....suspend jer!!!!!! :-p

Suzila A said...

Kekeke =P I know!!

Trasero said...

Lantak la kau. Ngalih ja ku baca!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzila A said...

Wahaha! Kwang3 ... Kekeke =P

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