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Friday, 5 September 2008

Great Watch!

I'm still in bed, since morning. Just don't feel like going out just yet. So I spent the day watching 2 DVDs. One is a series ~ Traveler, and another is a movie ~ 27 Dresses. I'm a bit way back cause I know it was playing in the cinema months ago but today, I went browsing and saw a blog entry about 27 Dresses by Hazel. Then I saw the DVD on my desk so I guess, why not! My room's a mess right now so everything is everywhere at the moment. I gotta get my butt up and do some cleaning soon!

Traveler is a series. I've watched till the 8th episode as by today. I bought it when going out with Danny, I think last month. I passed the DVDs to Sharul and he said it's a cool series to watch. I let him watch both DVDs cause, as I said, I buy DVDs but don't really have the time to sit back and relax. What's more to watch. So, so far, I think it's a great watch, though not as awesome as "Supernatural" and "Tru Calling". Traveler is about 3 bestfriends who got trapped by this guy who worked with FBI and they got accused of the Dextler Museum bombing. At episode 8, they just got back together and finally got an evidence to prove the world that they're innocent. It ends with a jaw-dropping scene! I mean, literally!! Well, at least for me kekeke :p

27 Dresses? Hmm ... It's a sweet typical lost-identity woman kind of movie genre. Sometimes I wonder, have the Hollywood film makers gone out of ideas lately? I mean, can't they make their movies a bit less typical? Personally, I like this movie but it's not much different from other movies that I've watched like "The Nanny's Diary", or "The Made of Honour". Well, there ARE some differences but it's always the heroin having lost in what they are or what they want.

By all means, I had great watch today! Both are worth watching ;)

PS: Gosh! When is the next season of "Supernatural" gonna be out?? The picture of Dean trapped in Hell is just ...... Huhu ...... :( Don't let him be one of the Demons!! Pleeeeeease!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Pssstt.. U wanna know what happen to Dean? He died.. Akekeke.. U wanna know how?...... I know the story already well.... Eventhough it's not completed.. Hehehe I got from reliable resources believe me.. ~The truth is out there~

Suzila A said...

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! You spoiler!! Arrrgghhh!!! Huhuhu ....

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