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Monday, 29 September 2008


At 5pm, I realised my phone was switched off. Suria actually texted me at around 2pm for an emergency gathering. Hmm ... sounded so serious! By 7.15pm, I was in Qlap going towards Fleur de Lyss, only to get a call from Lulu saying a change in venue, to MOD at Jerudong. I booked the seats for 5 when I got there just before 8pm. The girls came soon after.

We had dinner. As usual I ordered Claypot Tanghoon with Prawn. This time I had apple+watermelon juice .. Tasted good! While waiting for the meals, Mas shared the latest news to us, which I partly knew this morning at work. Lulu and Kiem were surprised. Suria knew it too and confirmed the whole thing when Mas told us about it.

Apparently, Mas will no longer be in the section she has been working in for the past 5 years. Our boss has recently pulled her out with other 4 officers to be put into a new department: the Research and Evaluation Department or RED. Mas is happy and sad at the same time at the moment. I understand how she feels as she's been doing the same thing for the past 5 years and this coming 1st October she'd be facing a whole different working environment. We know she can do it!! And we're happy that she's 1 of the 5 selected ones. Niza is also one of them. So, she's out of the section too! Congrats girls!! :)

Soon before parting, Lulu told us about her December trips. She'll be going to Singapore and Korea!! Waaah!! Jealous laaa!! Huhu!!

Me: So, when are you going to Korea?
Lulu: 15th Dec. It's earlier than the original 22nd. The other group requested it.
Me: Singapore?
Lulu: My mum and I are going on the 3rd.
Me: *silent* .... Waaa!! Lulu! How about camping???
Lulu: Erk?? What?? When's the camping kan??
Me: 30th Nov till 6th Dec laaa ....
Lulu: Waaaa!!! I forgot!!!! Alaaaaaaaaa!!! *panicking*

Adush!!! How could you forget ah Lulu? Haiya!!! :( Now I gotta find a replacement for the camp. Sigh~~ Dugaan!!

The BLA+1 emergency gathering tonight. Congrats Mas!! I'm glad you're selected. You're one of the best, you know that ;) Be happy yaa!! BLA+1 will support you!! Mwwahz!!

A picture of us outside the restaurant before leaving, taken by Kiem. Look at Lulu!! She's so upset for forgetting the date of our camping. Never mind Lulu! It's OK. There will be another one in two years time ;) Enjoy your December trip ya!! :)

On the way home, after dropping off Lulu, I called Danny but he didn't pick up. It was late though so I thought I should just text him the news. Now it's almost mid night and no replies from him yet. Sigh~~ I guess he's snoring now .........

PS: Yanti darl! You wanna join the camp?? Let me know ya :)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to! tapi aku ni pendiam heeehe.. Nanti lagi tani discuss ting. Batah udah ku inda camping..rindu ku jua.. ;)


Suzila A said...

Hehe okei!! I thought of you 1st when I learnt the news from Lulu. No problem. Lulu is pendiam too. But you need to be strict but friendly at the same time. I'm sure you ARE!! ;)

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