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Thursday, 4 September 2008


I've had a headache since yesterday. When I got back from work today, I sped up to my bed and dozed off. When I woke up to prepare for sungkai, my head's still heavy and I had a fever. Now, I just washed my hair. The pain is lighter, Alhamdulillah. I don't wanna take panadol cause I took two yesterday and the effect was none.

I was a bit late to work. We did discussion in class and with the headache that I had, I couldn't resist and lost my temper over my students' incomplete homework. I even punished them to stand up and could only take their seats if they could answer the reading comprehension questions. Well, it works all the time. This way, they pay more attention in class.

Before the next class, I had a period free so I moved my car to a shady area. I took the unmarked books to the school library and did some marking before entering the next class. At about 10am, I realised something. Look at the picture below *blushing*

Gosh! Now, this is what happened if I wasn't paying attention. I got distracted with the headache that I was having plus my lack of sleep the night before. Luckily my students did not realise the not-the-same-pair-of-shoes that I was wearing. Or else! --> More and more headache!! I hid my feet under the table in the next 30 minutes, not wanting them to see what a joker I was today, erk!

Well, what happened today was not the first time actually kekeke :p It happened last year when I was taking a Malaysian friend, who came to visit, to a movie at The Empire Cinema. Zean and her guy friend waited for us there. Before the movie, we hung out at the lobby, when Zean suddenly stood next to me and excused ourselves. I was puzzled as she dragged me out of the cinema towards the car park. We laughed like hell when she pointed at my feet!! Hahaha!! And today, it happened again kekekeke :p

Hmmmph .... I guess I should put my extra shoes at the back seats or else I'd make a fool of myself again!! Erk!!


Just wanna share with all. Here are some pictures of my youngest sister, Nurul, and youngest brother, Azri, when they were outside the house collecting some coconut juice. We have lots of them and today Nurul and Bahri, my other brother, wanted to have some for sungkai. Poor Nurul and Azri had to do all the peeling while Bahri was out of sight! Hehehe :p


Princess Gizmo said...

UWAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAAH...Like i said in our chat --> "maluku tu eh kalau aku di siring mu, gerenti ku tunduk bejalan sambil ketawa liat kasut mu!" ahahahaha I'll definitely wait for that event to happen again but this time w/ me present by ur side!! AKEKEKEKEKEKE....

Suzila A said...

Ahahaha! Some friend you are!! :p

Well, I guess what friends are for. Thanks for wanting to be there, though ups and downs, and future humiliations kekekke :p

Love you girl! ;)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaah cali kau ani gie ehhh buuuleh salah?? heeee tapi lawa jua. Mcm fesyen. hee

Suzila A said...

Hahaha! *blushing*

Lawa?? Hmm .. That's a thought hehehe :p

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