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Saturday, 6 September 2008

A Long Day, Fine Night :-)

My day started off with me marking tons of books (well, I managed to mark 5 with 3 compositions each. It DID feel like tons of ticking and crossing!!). By 8.45am, my colleague, Rahimah, dropped by my office and we headed to join the female teachers' Tedarus. It's embarrassing cause my Koran recital skill is slower than the other female teachers huhu ... Rasanya kan start belajar mengaji balik :-(

After work, I rushed to the Ministry for a meeting. I was late as I was talking to Boss no.3 about my department's readers proposal. He said we'd get to purchase the books we wanted in 3 weeks time. Can't wait to start ORT books with the Sec 1 students! :D

At the Ministry, the meeting went on and on and on. It seemed like forever ... but fruitful. HN is sure a good leader. She keeps on track with our camping project. I told her about my plan of creating the camping's theme song. She loved it and would love to hear it soon. Zaim, who is a UBDian and future teacher, is willing to compose the song for free. The good news is, HN will talk to the Curriculum Department for recording the song, also for free! :D The meeting ended at after 3pm.

I sent off Danny to Serusup then off I went home. I got ready and went to Sharul's. I gotta do some cooking as I planned to bring lasagne to Mamashasha's for our sungkai. I couldn't cook at home as mum was using the kitchen. Sharul didn't help much but his sister did. She cried while peeling the onions hehehe :p

By 5.30pm, we were ready to leave to Mamashasha's. When we got there, her other guests had come. I met Shinegirl and Baby there. It's really nice to see the girls :D I got to know Milin and Susan, his girlfriend. He's one talented fella! I also met Hadi, Baby's brother :)

I had fun tonight! Here are some jokes that we shared:


Shinegirl: Lungs ani 'jantung'! (Lungs are 'heart')
Hadi: Ah? No eh. Lungs ...
Milin: 'Paru-paru' ... (Lungs)
Me: Yes. Lungs are 'paru-paru' ...
Shinegirl: Eh ... No eh ... Lungs ani 'jantung'! (Lungs are 'heart'!)
Susan: Ah? 'Jantung' ... Heart jua ... ('Jantung' is heart)
Me: Awu. 'Jantung' heart ... (Yes. 'Jantung' is heart)
Shinegirl: Ah??? Heart bukan 'hati' kan??? (Heart is not 'liver'?)
All: Hahhaa! 'Hati' LIVERRR!!
Shinegirl: Hahaha! Aku blajar Science sampai Form 5 saja! (I studied Sciene till Form 5 only!)
All: LOL!!


Hadi: Jiah di MSN style nya pakai icon "Hehe" (Jiah [Mamashasha] in MSN uses icon "Hehe" a lot)
Shinegirl: Awu! Kadang ya tanya, "Bhapa kau?" Then ku jawab, "Nada" Then nya, "Hehe!" (Yes! Sometimes she asks me, "What are you doing" Then I reply, "Nothing" Then she replies back, "Hehe")
Me: Yes! Kadang ya say, "Hi" Then I say "Hi" balik, pas tu ya reply, "Hehe" (Yes! Sometimes she says, "Hi" Then I say, "Hi" back, she'd reply, "Hehe")
All: Hahahaha!!
Mamashasha: Awu ahhh ... (Yaaaa ...)
Hadi: Yatah! Aku heran, apa yang cali ya ketawa ni! (Exactly! I was like ... what's so funny?)
All: Hahhahaha!!
Me: The one with laughing icon yang menunjuk atu lagi tia macam ketawa kan tani (The one with the laughing icon that pointing at us looks like as if she's laughing at us)
Shinegirl: Awu bah! Apa yang cali??? (Yes, exactly! What's so funny???)
All: LOL!!


We had a good time. Sharul and I tried the "Bop It" game, which we were suck at! Shinegirl and Baby were enjoying their cards game, which Susan joined later on. Shasha was adorable, as usual. She's learnt numbers now. The last time I met her she had already learnt how to say "I Love You" :) ScrapperMaya showed us her scrapbook. Her LOs were amazing!! I wish I have her skill! Her hubby was busy taking pictures, especially of herself ;) They're such a lovely couple! Sharul and Hj. Hardy were spending the time watcing TV.

Later on, me, ScrapperMaya and Mamashasha were circling Milin while he was playing the keyboard. I then requested Mamashasha to sing the song that she composed, while Milin was playing the tune. I gotta admit, I'm proud of her. For a first timer, it's a lovely song :) I hope to hear it on air soon ;)

We left Mamashasha's place at after 8pm, stuffed and happy :) Thanks Mamashasha for your treat! Hope we could gather again before the Ramadhan ends :)

PS: I will upload pictures soon. I gotta go to bed now as I gotta go to Tembirdie tomorrow for our camping assignment ... Another long day tomorrow then ... :S

All of us :)

No!! Lungs ani JANTUNG!!! :P

Shasha having her "sungkai" hehe. Sweet isn't she? :)

Baby taking our pixie while Mamashasha was singing her song and Milin dancing his fingers on the keyboard :) I'm proud of you girl!

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