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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Visa Card Scenario

Caller: Hello, is this Suzilawati?
Me: Yes, speaking ...
Caller: Ok, I'm calling from Standard Chartered Bank, regarding your visa card
Me: Ok ...
Caller: Right ... Suzilawati, you have not made your payment for this month ...
Me: What? Eh, I did!
Caller: Oh you did? Ok, hang on ah ... Let me check ...
Me: Ok! *anxious*
Caller: *after a few seconds* Right, you are Suzilawati from *** (my place of work)
Me: Yes ...
Caller: Hahahaha!!!
Me: *blank*
Caller: Wahahaha ... Eh, this is me la, DANNY!! Hahaha!
Me: Arrrrrrrrggghh!!! Danny!!! I'm gonna kill you!!!
Danny: Uwahahahhaa!!!
Me: Daamnnn you Dan!!! I'm soooooooooo gonna kill you!!!
Danny: LOL for the next 1 minute! CHEH!!!!

How come I didn't click ah when Danny NEVER got my full name right!! Sheesh!! Tu laaa, kalau sudah marah. Kena ku sebijik!! Well anyway, when I met him later on, I did make an attempt to kill him, while he was still laughing with the sight of me. Cheh!!! :@


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha cali jua c danny ah. Kana kau sebiji ting.. -2904-

Suzila A said...

Hmmm .... *tap fingers on the keyboard* :@

Trasero said...

Haha.. Actually, lau live lagi cali ...sedih bunyinya kana tagih hutang....Hehehe ...Jangan marah Suzie.....

Suzila A said...

Haha! Jahat ko Danny! Now 1-0. Nanti ko!! Tunggu pembalasan ku! Wahahaha!!

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