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Friday, 19 September 2008

Hurt ...

See it before me
As I watch him flee
My hands stretch
Can't even reach

Looking at him
Passing me by
That look's empty
Leaving me behind

My hope's vanished
As he turns away
Those shoulders on me
Nothing more to say

Can't do much
To make him stay
Can't let go
Wordless I swear

My left's him
My right's family
I've to give in
As we've agreed

Goodbye love
Goodbye future
No more 'you and me'
No more 'we' ...


stock investment newsletter said...

what happened to the other one?

MamaShasha said...

ling...jiwang berabis jua..kenapa ni? are you talkaing about S*****?mm...sounds like macam you give up saja...

Suzila A said...

stock investment newsletter: what happened to the other one? Don't get what u mean there my friend..

Suzila A said...

Mamashasha ... Sigh~ I guess I'm tired of waiting ...

Yup! It's him ... Sigh~~

MamaShasha said...

hai know it hurt when you waiting for someone that you are not really sure he is going to be ur life partner or not. mm..I am not trying to hurt you more by saying this,by you still have chance and the space to know other person than him.Hope you dun hurt when I say this...

Suzila A said...

:) Thanks dear. Yea, I guess you're right ... Sigh~~

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