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Thursday, 2 October 2008

1st Syawal

... Selamat Hari Raya everyone ...

The Syawal in the house is slow, as usual heheh ;) But this year, there's a bit of difference. My mum cooked for us: the coconut milk rice + beef rendang + ketupat + shrimp sambal. Fuhh!! We were like ... hmm ... (?). Then, came to think of it, it's Zainul's first Syawal after being away from home for 3 years. That's how BIG mothers' love to their kids huh! Sigh~~ Kesian my mum. Memasak pun nda bunyi-bunyi .... As for me, heheh! I woke up late cause I went to bed after 1am. Nurul and I baked Tapak Kuda and Kurma Cake the night before. Some of our cousins hung out at our place as well so we were pretty occupied and went to bed rather late on Syawal Eve. It was fun and the spirit of Syawal was then in the air :)

The first Syawal, we met the Wahabs at our uncle's house in Lumapas. Just the two families meeting since the others had left earlier. The usual activity was of course taking pictures!! :D We also took a few snaps of our late grandparents' house across our uncle's. It was shocking seeing the mess and open doors of the house where most of us grew up and spent our school holidays in. Sigh~~ Seems like it's now a centre where drug addicts meet or whatever! I will upload the pixies soon for all to view. It's sad and shocking! *shaking head*

Me and my beloved mum :x

At an uncle's house, the first visit on Raya :)

Me and Grandma Piah .. The sole grandparent we have left ..

The aura of Raya :-D

Peanuts anyone? Keke =P

The Ahmads and Wahabs then went to Babu Milah's house at Sungai Kebun, after visiting our mums' aunt, whom we called Grandma Piah. She's older and weaker now. Nurul and I took a few pictures with her before leaving :) At Babu Milah's, we took random shots of the water village house. Hehe ... It's really nice to visit the house now and then. Babu Milah is our mums' first cousin whom our late grandparents had adopted. She was also our nanny when we were little hehehe :) Raya is the day when she tells everyone what a rascal we were back then kekeke =P

Me and Babu Milah and her son :)

Don't we look like models?? Keke =P

Another happy moment to remember :)

By afternoon, the Ahmads separated from the Wahabs. Dad took us to his lil sister's house at Mentiri. We were there till about 5pm. Back home, we started cooking to serve some meals for our aunts and cousins who planned to come to visit in the evening. We prepared the coconut milk rice + beef rendang + sausages (the kids' favourite) + shrimp sambal + fried chicken. The Wahabs and Hamdanis came but just having the two families around was tiring enough but it was fun having the gathering. We still have lots of families who haven't come to visit yet. I tell you, we have a BIG family! :D

Azri, dad, Isma and my aunt's hubby.

Dinner at our place.

At home, after dinner :)

We played the firecrackers and of course the small ones got really excited! My brothers even went out to buy more to entertain the young ones :) It was a blast!!

Anih, a blogger friend of mine, also came tonight :) She brought her family and her brother, Suryafi, who happened to be my ex student back in 2006. He's now in Form 5. What a small world huh! Thanks Anih for visiting. InsyaAllah I will pay a visit to your house soon :) I am expecting more friends to come, particularly the BLA+1 and the Double Ms ;)

Anih, her son, Suryafi and me. Thanks dear for the visit. Will sure drop by your place soon ;)

It's just the 1st Syawal and I hope the 2nd and the next will be more fun than today :)

PS: Last night, I took my Raya baju kurungs. Sharul accompanied me. Before we got separated, we greeted each other 'Hari Raya' and I kissed his hand *blushed* ..... Kechingggg!! My heart sings!! Hehehe :-D

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