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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ten Things I Love About Him ...

Just came to thinking why I still can't get over my ex. So I made the list of 10 'strong' reasons why this happens. It turns out I got more than 10 reasons to answer this! Sigh~~

Here goes ........

1. I love the way he looks at me, with that smile drawn on his face and those eyes saying: "What a beautiful girl I am with now!",

2. I love when he takes my hand and leads the way,

3. I love when he kisses my forehead gently every time before we part,

4. I love when he listens to my whining and nods to my hundreds complaints,

5. I love when he opens the door for me and not letting me touch the doorknob (he says it has lots of germs!),

6. I love when he's worried when I whine that I'm hungry or feeling unwell,

7. I love when he's just there whenever I need him,

8. I love when he drives me wherever I wanna go; he just doesn't wanna burden me with the wheels,

9. I love when he wipes the spoon and fork before I use them for my meals,

10. I love the level of patience that he has; he never gets angry for me being late for our dates. He's always on time too!

And .... I just love when he still calls me "Darling, My Love, My Honey Bunny, Biniku, Sayangku" though we've broken up for more than a year now. Sigh~ I can state endless list that I love about him!

Try making your own list. You'll be amazed on how much you love your partner so dearly that no words could be enough to describe it!


hazel said...

Ermmm, knp break up? Memang susah nak lupa bila terlalu byk kenangan maniskan?

Suzila A said...

Hi Kak Hazel .. We broke up coz my parents tak restu hubungan kita berdua .. We were together for 6 years .. Yes. Memang susah nak lupa. Too many things to let go just like that, sigh~~

Anonymous said...


Just want to say that I'd been through similar situation of yours years ago ... It was REALLY, REAllY hard, painful, miserable, sick and.......... hurtful... :(

Suzila A said...

Anonymous ... 'was'? So you're fine now huh? :) Good for you. I wonder when mine's gonna be over ... Sigh~~

Thanks for dropping by, though it's nothing much to share but sadness ... It is really hard and hurtful :(

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