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Sunday, 26 October 2008

My Day with Him

My day started early. I couldn't help texting Sharul early morning today and we met at around 8am. It's Sunday I know but just can't help it! Miss him so .. It's a good thing that he's always available whenever I ask him out. Day, night, sunny, windy, rainy .. He's always on the move whenever I ask him to. Yes. He loves me that much!

It's been ages I didn't see his parents so that morning, we had breakfast at his place. We chatted for hours in the kitchen over breakfast. Another wonderful thing why it's so hard to let go of Sharul is, he's got the kindest and nicest parents ever! What's more, they love me to bits! It sure will break their hearts if they learnt that Sharul and I had broken up. Yes. He hasn't told them about our break-up yet. He doesn't have the guts to do so cause for them, I am their only future daughter-in-law. I'd just simply describe them as "every girl's dream parents-in-law". Enough said!

After breakfast, we left to The Mall. It took us forever to find parking space cause we both believe that we shouldn't waste $2 on a parking space when there are spaces out there for free! But we gotta go down to the basement finally to get one hehe. The day was cloudy and windy. It was drizzling too. It was as if the day was showing it was already 2pm. I didn't check my watch..

We were quite surprised seeing lots of people on the ground floor. There's some sort of a showcase at the moment there so we looked around and I bought two pairs of sports shoes (for my camping) and a pair of heels (for me to wear at work). Each pair cost $20. Not bad huh! Sharul put my shopping bag in my car later on while I enjoyed the stage performance being held at that time. Kids were singing and dancing along with some performers in clown suits. It was nice seeing that kind of scene here in Brunei. Sometimes, the sultanate is just too quiet for everyone. A few entertainments won't hurt, will it?

We spent some time on the 1st floor overlooking the stage from above. At times, we laughed at the host's jokes with the kids down below. Then, I excused myself to have my Zuhur prayer at the surau. The Asar call of prayer was heard soon after. From there, we went up to the 3rd floor to watch a movie, which we took a while to choose whether to watch 'Max Payne' or 'Coffin'. Then, an amusing thing happened:

Sharul: What time is 'Max Payne' playing?
Me: 1.15. 'Coffin'?
Sharul: 1.45. So, which one are we watching?
Me: I dunno .. Ermm .. *cut off*
Sharul: Wait! 1.15? 1.45? What time is it now??
Me: Eh? 3pm now I guess. I don't have my watch. It was Asar just now ..
Sharul: I don't have my watch too! Lemme check my phone ..
Me: *Waiting. By this time, I saw the clock on the wall*
Sharul: Huh? 12.10???
Me: Yeaaa ... 12.10???
Sharul: How come?? I thought it's 3pm already!
Me: If it's only 12.10 ... So the Azan just now is ... ZUHUR!! NOT ASAR!!
Sharul: Eh, yeaa!

So, to cut the story short, we chose to watch 'Coffin' and down we went to the surau to perform Zuhur, again! Hehe :P Then, we had a quick bite of some dim sums (well, I was too happy with him so I ate a lot today, erk!!). All through the movie, I was scared cause it was a scary movie indeed! I'd rank it 9/10. I also cried in some parts of the scenes too. Oh, in case you're wondering, we chose this movie cause I noticed that it was inspired by a true ritual in Thailand. I personally love watching movies that are based on or inspired by true stories.

After the movie, I had my Asar prayer and outside the surau, Sharul told me he just talked to my cousin, Jaya, who was just entering the surau. He even told Sharul that our parents have always "forced" us to pray since we were little. I guess Jaya was embarrassed that he was caught praying since he's a "rock bebeh" kind of guy, if you know what I mean hehe :P We met later on near the escalator. Being close with him, whom I treat as an elder brother, I told him about me and Sharul. Our story in short. Guess what! He went to say how annoyed he is with our family, who are too conservative over marriage and choice of our brides and grooms. He gave us his blessing, saying that we should be strong and make it work between us. I saw Sharul's wide smile with Jaya's comment. I think he noticed mine too :) We bid goodbyes and Jaya left to see his new Filipino girlfriend, whom my uncle disagrees him to keep seeing. What did Jaya say? "I don't care!!" Cool eyh! ;)

On the 2nd floor, we noticed a crowd near the beauty salon. There was a group of people painting! I love paintings, some of the many things that I am interested to learn (other than photography and now, scrapbooking). The artists were impressively talented, especially this young teen who was scratching a black painted cardboard with a metal ruler to draw a face of a lady from an image of a photo in his hand. His sketch was simply made by scratching the cardboard thus leaving a white and black effect. It's something new for me! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me or else I'd take pictures of the paintings being sketched and drawn.

Then, we went downstairs to the Outlet Corner and I bought a jacket. Also for my camping. It only cost me $17. Not bad huh! We then left home, which this time we did check the time. It was 5.20pm when we left The Mall. I got home at almost 6pm.

I had a good day out with Sharul. Something that we hadn't done for a long time. I miss those moments still. The moments that we shared together when worries weren't with us.

My day with him today, I must admit, have grown my love deeper for him ... And it hurts knowing that we still can't be together ... Sigh~~


Supermummy said...

Hi suzy,thanks ah for dropping a comment ah :)

Yatah ni walau pun im not so pandai tapi im sooo happy dapat lagi kawan sorang like u. I love u just being u,sama tah tani tu im just being me jua hehe..yatah ganya ni terlebih terover maafkan saja.

Eh ani wah u and him ah canaaa tu parents nya alum tau ah aku plng beuri haha. Sian tu ah,i wish kamu dapat bebalik smula,lama dah sama2 nda kan putus catu saja,mesti masih syg kan..u know him better than anyone..

Watever it is i wish u happiness and semoga yang terbaik menanti urg yang baik dan ikhlas seperti mu..aminnn..

Thank you again sudi jadi my fren,who knows maby one day i can meet u mcm ku jumpa ka anih ehehe..

Suzila A said...

Hi Supermummy. Glad you dropped by. Awu, aku pun kadang2 jadi uri pasal Sharul balum bagitau parents nya kami broke up. Padahal setahun labih dah kami putus. If dorang tauuu ... Gerenti bising .. Sigh~~ Sayang ku dorang ah. Baik bah. As I said, "every girl's dream parents-in-law". Sian eyhh aku ah huhu ..

I am glad you want to be among my circle of friends :) I wish we'll meet one day ya. I met Ka Anih twice sudah. 1st time pasal Kek Tapak Kuda (haha .. jadi bidan terjun menjual kek arah Ka Anih keke) & 2ndly masa Ka Anih helped me with my camp song's recording. This time nephew nya yang jadi bidan terjun jadi pemain gitar! Haha! Both meetings cali yang banarnya keke :P

Drop by anytime ya. Leave comments as you wish too. For the time being, I may take some time off from blogging. I wanna find the right mojo for my next entry coz recently my entries pasal me and my ex saja. Boring urang membaca erk!!

Thanks again Supermummy for being my friend. Hope we will meet soon ya :)

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