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Friday, 10 October 2008

Eid with BLA+1

This afternoon, my ex student came to visit with his siblings. Later on Mamashasha came at around 3.20pm. I missed Shasha!! Thanks guys for visiting! Will pay you guys a visit when I have the time :-)

Thank you Fakhri and company :-)

Latingz Shasha!

Thanks Mamashasha! Will beraya to your place soon, promise! ;-)

Heeee .... :-D

At around 4+, I got ready to Rahimah's. It's always a nice day out with the gang once and a while. Today, Rahimah gave an open house for us all. Only Suria and 'Ain couldn't make it. I was late, as usual. We loved the food and I loved the cocktail salad! Add it with extra cheese hmmm .... real yummy!!!

Some pixies to share with all. I like the first one. Looks like we're taking it from a studio :-)

The right angle taken by Johnny :-)

Me and the host, Rahimah :-)

M.I.A: Yatie (taking picture), Johnny (having his meals), 'Ain and Suria.

This is yummy! I will share how to make this simple dish with ya!

All of us today! Thanks Rahimah!! :-)

Later on, the girls paid a visit at my place. Johnny didn't join them coz he gotta go to church. Alim kawan Cina ku sorang ni kamu!! =P

Thanks girls! I had fun :-)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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