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Sunday, 5 October 2008

4th Syawal

Our parents chit-chatting with Diana's side..

Alhamdulillah :) The 'berdudun' ceremony ended well, though there were a few hiccups in between. Gosh! I just hate 'function spoiler'!! Grrr!!! :@ Cousins, you KNOW who I mean!!

We were stuffed today. We went to two of Diana's families. The first house served us the local food and the second, western. Man! They cooked real good I tell you! My bro's gonna go double soon after they got married kekeke =P

Me, siblings, cousin and sister-in-law to be - Diana, in blue :-)

Some of us at the informal ceremony.

From the second house, we went to Beribi visiting an uncle's sister. This time, Diana came with us. Time for her to get to know our family now :) Our uncle's sister also gave an open house, erk!! I just had a few prawns and fish balls. I was just too full to take another bite of a plateful of rice. Then off we went to Rimba to visit Kaka Lina and family. She's Yanti's sister. She has just moved into her home, which is a total ... whow!! Her hubby, who is an architect, designed their home. We took a tour of the house of course. Not bad for a $200k budget house ;) Yanti and Rahim were there too. They joined us later on.

Our last destination was back in Lambak, to my mum's bro. It's our second time there but since Diana and my bro hadn't gone there, there's no harm stopping by. When we got there, Yanti and her other half were already in the living room. Later on, I had a chit-chat with the couple on the dining table while munching on the beef rendang and lemang (rice cooked in bamboo). Ok ok, by that time my metabolism had processed the food I had consumed this afternoon okay =P Besides, the beef rendang tasted sooo good. I'm sure you couldn' resist it too ;)

Hehee .. Stuffed and exhausted! Aren't they cute!! ;)

Now is almost 10pm and I can't go to bed just yet. I haven't done my lesson plan for next week huhu .... Why can't we have longer Raya hols?? Sigh~~ Now the next few days of Raya will be less cheerful, I'm sure. Yikes!!

PS: Mamashasha, sorry. I couldn't make it to your open house today dear. 1000 apologies ....


izz said...

berdudun?...errr...blur jap..
wahhhh...raya sakan....;D

Suzila A said...

Hi Izz darl! Yea, berdudun. It's a Brunei culture word referring to an informal ceremony where families from both sides of a couple meet for the first time before the 'merisik' or seeking hand of the girl, which is a more formal ceremony leading to engagement :) My brother is getting engaged next month so since it's Raya, why not have the 'berdudun' before hand :)

Hope it's clearer now ;) Raya is ok this year but really tiring ... sigh~~

izz said... that yaa..hehe.. more new info for me..;D

p/s:waiting to read about 'berdudun' ceremony again in ur future entry which stated the main actress is ehemm ehemm u know who la kan...hehe...

Suzila A said...

LOL! :D The main role now is taking vacation hehehe <-- A better way of saying "tak laku" kekeke =P

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