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Saturday, 4 October 2008

3rd Syawal

I woke up late, despite the plan to Istana this morning. I got ready by 9am, only to see my mum cooking and my sisters not ready at all! Cheh!! My lil cousins were already around to join our trip today but we had to stay home longer than expected as we were expecting an uncle and company to visit. By midday, NONE of them came!!! Grrrr!!! I hate it when that happens! (Notice the verb 'happens' in present tense <-- this indicates that this kind of time wasting happens EVERY YEAR!!! :@)

We made our move to Istana by 1pm, but our lil cuzzies now were already tired of waiting that they didn't join us after all. We went there in two cars, led by my mum's brother, who happens to be a police guard <-- this means we didn't have to queue all the way to greet the royalties hehe ;) Alhamdulillah!! :D

On the way to Istana: Me, Nurul, Mum and Zima ;)

Ehem!! Still looking handsome as ever! I'd die for him! :)

I love the souvenir!! :) 15 years for not going to the Istana, somehow it brought back memories of my encounters shaking hands with Her Majesty. Haha!! I remember when I was in Primary 6, I was asked by the Queen of my age. When I told her that I was 11, she was surprised! I guess I was too big for that age then kekeke :P *blushing* And today, I greeted her the "Salaam" and "Selamat Hari Raya". She replied! Aaahh ... It felt so nice :) I mean, dude! We don't talk to her every day so ... yeah! I am glaaaad! ;)

After Istana, we went to an aunt's open house. Gosh! I was so stuffed that I skipped an uncle's open house after that. By before 7pm ,we got home as Danny was gonna pay a visit to our crib. After freshen up and Maghrib, I went to take a quick nap, with Danny and my cousins text messaging me in between, so I barely shut my eyes. Cheh!! Danny and co. came at just before reaching 8pm. He was wearing blue Baju Melayu, the same colour of Baju Kurung that I was wearing. Cheh! My mum and siblings started teasing us with that coincidence. Danny was blushing hahaha!!! Me? Cool ....... *wink! wink!*

With Yanti, my closest cousin.

Us at my mum's brother's open house in Kampong Sungai Akar.

Me and my best buddy in crime, Danny .. eheheh =P

My long lost sister, Yatie, came visiting tonight too :D I think, we hadn't met for 2-3 years. It's really really nice to see her with her hubby ...... and BABY!! :D I was rather surprised cause she was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, of 3rd stage. I remember visiting her when she was undergoing her 'chemo' (not sure the spelling though, erk!) and she lost her weight drastically. She was so skinny and she also had hair loss problem that with a light gesture, it would easily fall on your palm. We had to make her wear a head band :( Alhamdulillah, now seeing her healthy and happy, I am so grateful :) She is my sister forever :) *tsk! tsk!*

I'm so glad to finally see my long lost sister, Yatie. We've been friends since in Form 1 but got separated when I entered college and Uni. Yet, she will forever be my sister :)
PS: Mia is just adorable!! She has Yatie's eyes :)

My dad's bros and sis came to visit after Danny and Yatie left. They were here for an hour plus :D I tell you guys! My dad and his siblings RARELY get together! There were too much 'politics' going on between them (if you know what I mean ...) but tonight, seeing the brotherhood connection, I just couldn't help but take as many snaps as I could :) Now, this is the best part of Syawal this year that I have ever ever had!!

My dad (in green), my uda (maroon), amit (brown) and bungsu (black/red). The best part of Raya this year, especially for my dad *tsk! tsk!*

Chatching up with the old times :)

My mum, uda and amit :)

Hehe ... Simply looking at their body language sends a warm feeling to us :)


Us with cousins on my dad's side. Happy times!!

Dad is always moody during Raya. Gathering is just not his kind of thing hehe :P But seeing him laugh with his siblings, it's just like drops of rain on a desert, if you know what I mean :) Even when typing this, I have tears in my eyes. Not sad, but touched ... Sigh~~~ :)

Tomorrow is another family gathering actually. We're going to my brother's girlfriend's house for a 'berdudun' or getting to know her families. As they plan to get engaged next month, so I guess it is better that we visit her families before hand so the 'bersuruh' or 'menghantar tanda' (engagement) next month will go smooth as we pray it will be .... Amiiinnnn .... :)

PS: I heard, a laptop charger costs around $200 erk!! Adush!! I'm so d**n!! :'(
PPS: To Danny, sorry my cousins couldn't make it tonight. Will make time for us to meet again okay, InsyaAllah by next week, when the Raya mood has cooled down. Faham2 lerr ... ;)

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