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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Visiting Zainul II

I got Zainul's text roughly before noon saying that the Officer Cadets were gonna have a family meet later at 4pm. It was only for 1 hour 30 minutes. As planned, we went to my dad's brother's house in Pengkalan Batu. They invited us for open house. It was nice having to see Amit's house after renovation. It's now big and spacious. I like the living room! The furnitue is also ... wow!!

Me, Pudin, Azri and Nurul :)

Love this chair!!

MIA: Dad and Amit Laki ...

Diana and my bro, Boy! They're getting engaged next month :-D

We left to visit Zainul 15 minutes to 4pm. I texted Azri to drop by buying a birthday cake at Serusup before going to Sungai Akar Camp. It's our mum's birthday today so we wanted to surprise her! Besides, Zainul will still be in the camp when it's his birthday next 18th Oct. So the cake's for mum and him actually :-)

Marching towards the hall. Can't see Zainul here though ...

Now you see him?? ;-) PS: Baby, I know you're looking at someone particular here ... keke :P

It was nice and indeed soldiers are families!! :-D As soon as they saw Zainul bringing the cake to mum from behind, those who saw him doing that started singing the birthday song. For a moment, all attention was to us! Camera shots greeted us too! It was so welcoming. When mum opened the cake casing, now it was Zainul's turn to be surprised as he saw his name carved on it! Hehe ... Mum and Zainul then cut the cake together :-) It was a surpise for them indeed!!


Cutting the cake while others sang the birthday song ... Awwww ... *touched*

Dad, Zainul, and mum. Oh! And the cake!! Hehe :P

We left Zainul in the camp at around 5.30pm. We bought him bags of stuff that he needs in the camp. We took more pictures before leaving of course!

At the parking lot. Dad is already in the car hehe ...

The lovely couple! Baby+Loba= BABYLOBA :-D Maintain romantic kamu!!! ;-)

PS: At around 8.30pm, Zainul texted me again saying I had left my wallet in one of his bags!! So I rushed to the camp again and took it just before Zainul and his comrades marched back to the hostel. Azri was eating his Jollibee's meal (rice+fried chicken+egg). Zainul asked for a spoonful and in the end took the whole thing! Hehe ... I guess he's missing the outside world already ......


Shenun said...

hey.. sista suzy.. found ur blog by coincidence when i googled around for some stuffs heheh.. stil got ur pix in my storage somewhere heheh.. will sure upload them soon in my blog or in my facebook.. k

Suzila A said...

Oh hi! ;) Glad you found my blog sista!! :-P Gonna save your link now :-D

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