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Friday, 3 October 2008

Open Houses!!

We actually planned to have an open house today but had to cancel at a last minute as we learnt that Zainul would be leaving today at around 8.30pm. So we guess, having open house and him going back to camp at that time would be a hassle. We didn't want to entertain the guests and leave to send off Zainul in between. Mamashasha, sorry. I really really thought I had told you about the cancellation. Huhu sorry dear ......... :(

Instead, we had TWO open houses to attend today, and another TWO tomorrow. Phew!! Tomorrow morning, we plan to go to Istana Nurul Iman to convey our Raya greetings to Her Majesty and family. We have not been to the Istana for many many years but today, when Zainul came back from there, he brought back a pretty cool souvenir!! Mum and us are crazy about it really! Besides, Nurul and I had already planned to go to the Istana this year since it's been ages we haven't gone there.

Siblings and cousins at an uncle's open house :)

Entertaining Haziq cause his angpow's taken by Amit Aini hehe :P

My handsome lil brothers ;)

Me with my girl cuzzies ...

... and with the aunts! Hehe =P

Yanti and I :)

So, we managed to persuade our little cuzzies to join us tomorrow hehe ;) Hopefully it won't be as crowded as it was when we were little erk!! On counting, I think we haven't gone there since I was in Form 1 ...... Gosh!! That's pretty long time!! .... 15 years??? Erk!!!

Will update on our day out tomorrow ya! And I really hope we'll have fun ;)

PS: Mamashasha, sorry for not being able to get home on time for you and family to visit today. We were going here and there today, all stuffed and tired. So sorry ........ :(

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