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Friday, 17 October 2008

I Wonder ...

I wonder how it is
If we've never met

We don't set our eyes

Our hearts never melt

I wonder how it will be

If you've never said it
That you've fallen for me

Loving no one, me you keep

I wonder how my life is

How I have become

When you I don't miss

Or make any wishes

I wonder how I now feel
If I didn't say 'yes'
Let you go just like that

Then moved on with my life

I wonder who I am now

Without you never in me

Would I still suffer somehow?
When my heart you never reached?

I wonder if I could turn back
To the day that we met

That meeting I shall switch

So this pain I'd never feel


izz said... painful kan when we really n truely love someone..hemmm...ada masa kita boleh cool n lupakan soal hati perasaan tapi ada masa tiba2 hati tersentuh kan...mmmmmm....

happy always ya...;D

Suzila A said...

Hi Izz .. Sigh~ Bila down macam ni la terkadang nak turn back time so dapat prevent dari sakit hati ... Kalau la boleh kan ... Sigh~~

Then again, come to think of it, every moment with him pun really meaningful.

Soal hati ... Susah di mengerti ...

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