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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Late Lunch with the Guys

Scene 1: In the car, on the way to Bandar
Time: 4+pm

Danny: Ok we go separate ways, to MFFT and FT. Choose! We don't have much time!
Saiful: Any one will do ..
Me: *lost*
Danny & Saiful: Bla .. Bla .. Bla ..
Me: Ok, I go to MFFT la ..
Danny: No, you stay in the car. Very hard to find parking now. We'll just go.
Me: Hmm .. Okay ..
Danny: *parked his car at a corner of an alley*
Me: *watched the guys left to separate ways*

*After 5 minutes waiting in the car ..

Noise: Honk! Honk!
Me: *looked back, saw a police car* Darn! *packed my stuff to move to the driver's seat*
Police: Honk! Honk! *Siren*
Me: What the F***!! Sheesh!!!!! *moved to the front seat and drove Danny's car*

Text message to Danny:
"S***!!! I was honked by the police! They even switched on the siren! D*** it!!! I'm driving your car now and looking for parking"

Grrr!!!! Buliehhhh~~~


Scene 2: In the car. On the way to ICC from Bandar
Time: 4+pm

Danny & Saiful: *laughing*
Me: What? What's so funny eh?? *lost, again!*
Danny: MFFT bah, the manager's name kan Jungle Dave. So like me, Forest Dan!
Saiful: *LOL!* How about me? *LOL!*
Danny: Swimming Pool *LOL*
Me: Owh .. Okay .. Me??? Haha ..
Danny: Yea aah ... You ... Hmmm ... *thinking*
Saiful: *thinking too*
Me: Jungle Jane??
Danny: No, cannot! You cannot use 'Jungle'. Must use other than 'Jungle', like me, 'Forest' Dan!
Me: Owwwhh .. Okay .. I got it now ...
All: *silent*
Danny: Ahhh!!! Summer Suz!!! <-- I am going to Japan next year in Summer, while Danny in Winter. Since then he's been making fun of me about this, grrr!!! :@
Saiful: *LOL*
Me: You're soooo BAD!!!
Danny & Saiful: *LOL*


Scene 3: Capers, Qlap
Time: 5+pm

*After having the 11th dish and waiting for the next dishes to be served ..

Me: Wah! The view here's nice! Darn! I left my camera! Grr!
Danny & Saiful: *silent*
Me: Guys! Look! *pointing to the clouds* Why do you think that cloud's moving but that one's not?
Danny: Hmm ... Yea ... Why aaah? *silent* Ok, Physics .. answer that!!
Saiful: Huh? That's Geography la! Not Physics ...
Me: Hmm ... I think ... That's moving coz it's cloudy, so it's heavy! That one's not coz it's on the upper layer!
Danny & Saiful: Owwwwh ... *nodding and fell silent*

* more silence, still observing the moving clouds*

Me: Man! We're soooo DRUNK!! <-- 'full'
Danny: Ya! Why are we talking about clouds!!!
Saiful: Of all topics!
All: We ARE drunk!!! LOL!!

PS: We ordered 15 dishes today. Thanks Danny for the drinks and $2 treat! ;)


Trasero said...

"LOL". . . don't mention about the coke n the price of the wind~~~ if u know what i mean......Haha...

Suzila A said...

Trasero a.k.a. 'Forest Dan' ... Dude! I'm sure 'Swimming Pool' will do the job next time, you know to get that free drinks from ya! Kekeke =P

Suzila A said...

Elw Suzila..i enjoy reading ur blog about 'late lunch with the guys'..cali gelagat2 kmu tu. i find ur blog dri Anih. post for more..

Posted by Fix on chatbox:
9 Oct 08, 06:29

Suzila A said...

Fiz .. Hi!! Glad you found my humble page :D Yea, hanging out with the two devils always KILL me! Keke! You can view more comedies of my life by clicking COMEDY under my ENTRIES LIST above :D

Posted by Suzila on chatbox:
9 Oct 08, 11:53

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