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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Uhuk .. Uhuk ..

Can't barely think of what's interesting to write now. The cough is still here and it's killing me! Every time I start talking, I cough. Even when I just sit down doing nothing, I cough! Sigh~ What's worse, my childhood trauma attack seems coming back now.

I used to suffer from severe asthmatic problem when I was little. I had to control my food intake: couldn't eat eggs, liver, of course couldn't drink the sodas, bla bla bla. The good thing is, I still don't take these diets, only in some occasions like Eid or family gathering where they are served. I wouldn't have the pressure to cook any of these foods cause I'm used to not eating 'em since I was a kid. Soda canned drinks? It's once in a blue moon I drink 'em! Couldn't take the fizzy gas and all. Besides, it's too sweet!

Well, anyway, back to how am feeling now. I think the asthma is attacking me back after years of healing. I hadn't got the attack since I got that injection by this Bruneian doctor in the early 90's. I think it's Dr. Asri. He's now opened his own clinic near Jalan Anggerek Desa. When I got injected, he was still working with the government hospital. Hmm ... I think I should drop by his clinic soon or else this asthma's gonna get worse!

It's hard to breathe easily when it attacks. I still remember the time when mum was panicking when I couldn't breathe one night. I saw her blurry figure trying to console me and teach me to breathe slowly. I also remember this old man giving me traditional medicine trying to heal me. Sigh~ Mother's love just can't me measured. Failed with the modern meds, she tried the old ways.

That night, she had to bring me to the Emergency Room cause the attack had made me really weak. It wasn't only hurting my chest but also my back. Every time I breathed in, my back ached as if it was burning! Mom had to rub some ointment and massaged it slowly while I'd concentrate on my breathing. It was hard. Way hard!

Oh shoot! I don't wanna go through the same mishap! I guess I should go see Dr. Asri the soonest! And MAKE him give me that injection again!!


Anonymous said...

cepat2 jumpa Dr....
hav a good rest n get well soon yaaa...take care girl...;D

Princess Nashwa said...

Aww.. poor thing. My 5 year old son is also suffering asthma and prescribed with two inhalers and liquid medication.

Just like you during childhood, we refrain him from having any carbonated drinks, beef, ice-cream cuz eating cold stuffs might trigger the coughs and eventually lead to asthma attacks.

Anyway the asthma is also taking a toll on his skin. He develop a skin infection which spreads to his face and body. So now not only we have to manage his asthma medications but we are now a frequent visitor to the hospital's dermatologist.

Seeing that you're having a replase is a cause of concern. Cuz the doctor said "with re-assurance" that asthma in a child dies off eventually at a certain age.

You describing the pain make me relate better to what my son is experiencing. The breathing difficulties, the wheezing.. We rushed to the Emergency room twice few years. But Alhamdulillah, his asthma seems to be under control now. Nevertheless we still have to monitor the room's temperature and constantly rub Vick's ointment to his chest.

Babe, maybe something you ate which triggers the attack. My advise is to head to the Doctor ASAP before it worsens. Update us with your condition. Take good care :P

Suzila A said...

Hi Izz. Yea, just got back from the clinic.

Princess Nashwa ... Hi girl! Just got back from seeing the doc! Huhu .. Will make an entry bout it after this. You're right! Something DID trigger the attack. Sigh~~

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