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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

No Turning Back

Anna swallowed hard. Her tears welled up her eyes. It was not the first time. It had been months and the sight of their faces still crossed her head, especially when she hit her bed to sleep. There were times without counts that she cried herself to sleep.

Everything seemed like yesterday ...

"No mum! I'm not going!!"
"I said get ready now. I told you so you're coming with us!"


"You will be alone now Anna. Come with us. It won't take long .."

"Dad, I got too much work to do. Exam's coming too!!"

"Anna, that can wait. Let's go. Dad said it won't take long. It's just a wedding. Won't take forever."
"I don't wanna!!!"

With that, Anna slammed the door on everyone's face. Her mum sighed her disappointment while dad took the car keys and went to the garage. Sheila, on the other hand, grabbed hold of their little brother, Daniel, and went off to the car. In a few moments, the house was silent.

Anna came out of her room and felt relieved. Holding on to the remote control, her eyes were glued on the various channels her fingers clicked on. Time passed by, the phone rang. It was Tania, her best friend. For the next hour, she spent the time up-dating gossips they knew of in school.

As night fell, Anna finally went to her room and took out her Algebra homework. Trying to solve the problem, Anna thought of Sheila, her elder sister, who was now studying in college. She was the computer geek of the family. Anna herself was good in History and Geography, the two subjects that Sheila was really weak at. They usually did their homework together, having Sheila giving more than taking in throughout. Daniel, being a 3 year old toddler, was always disturbing the two at the table. Both usually gave in and entertained him till he was bored to play.

Anna woke up from sleep as the phone rang continuously. Figuring out the time on the wall, it showed almost 9pm and the house was still full of silence, except for the sounds of the crickets and toads. Her eyes were too heavy to open yet the phone continued ringing. She crawled towards the phone and as she reached it, it stopped. Her curses were heard in the night.

Back at the table, she held on her pen and calculator, trying to solve the Maths problems again. As she was calculating the numbers, the phone rang again. She dropped everything and went to answer the phone.

"Maybe it's dad!" she whispered ...

A few words from the end of the line, Anna screamed hysterically. Soon after, panicking, she left the house and knocked on the neighbour's door. With tears rolling down her face, she begged for their help.

"Calm down, Anna. We will take you to the hospital. Be calm ..." Mrs. Kaur tried to soothe her.

As they reached the Emergency Room, Anna froze seeing dozens of people there. Mr. Kaur, being the head among them, walked towards a group of nurses and doctors ahead. Anna was seated, still crying, with Mrs. Kaur nearby.

As a doctor walked towards her, and with the look on Mr. Kaur's face, Anna shook her head in disbelief. She knew it was not good news coming to her.

As the news was delivered, Anna screamed in shock. Sadness overcame her as she saw images of that morning's fight. She saw nothing soon after, as she fell to the floor, fainted.

When she woke up, she was in her bed. Prayers were heard downstairs and she could hear whispers of how the accident had happened. Her father's Pajero was hit by a truck going on the wrong direction and the lives of her family were lost at an instant.

She cried and cried as the thoughts of her family emerged on her head. The cheeky smile on Daniel's face would be missed dearly and there'd be no one who could help her with her Algebra problems from now on. Losing her parents would be too difficult to endure.

Now, she had no one. For months being alone, she survived under relatives' symphaty, whose love could never replace those of her lost family.

If she could turn back the time, not only she's refuse to go to the wedding. She'd make them stay!

There was no turning back. And all she could do was cry herself to bed again that night ....

Written by : Suzila A
Inspired by: Music Lesson in 2006

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