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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Out with the Guys

Scene: at Hua Ho Mall, 2nd floor near rows of crystal flowers
Time: 4pm

Me: I don't know why people buy these pricey stuff!
Saiful: Hey! These are for good! You gotta see what you spent on you know!
Me: Ah c'mon! One knock will crash 'em all! Don't your kids ever do that?!
Saiful: Sigh~ Well, there are few scratches after they knocked 'em off but they're still fine!
Danny: Suzi, you don't like these? For the living room? You know, for decos ....
Me: Me? C'mon la! Why spent so much on such thing? There's other cheaper way to decorate the house!
Saiful & Danny: *silent and changed look*
Danny: Well, I did buy a pair, of the same pattern. I put 'em at the corners of the room ...
Saiful: Waah! That should be nice! How much did you spend?
Danny: Well, it's pricey ....
Me: See!!! EXPENSIVE! Why spent so much!
Danny: True ah ... Spent so much, regret later ... Sigh~~
Saiful: Well, it is expensive but I have NEVER regretted buying it!!
Me: Mmmbaaah .... *shook head*


Scene: Hua Ho Mall, ground floor
Time: 4+pm

Danny: Eh eh! Look! This one is nice!! *pointing at a bottle of perfume*
Saiful: Huh?
Danny: Look at the perfume head (cover). Fuhh! That is nice!
Saiful: Errr .... you buy perfume for that?
Danny: Yes la! Perfume bottle with designed top is what a nice perfume to buy!! *sounded confident*
Me: Errr ... Aren't we supposed to buy perfume coz of its smell???
Saiful: *LOL*
Danny: *ignored us and left*


Scene: in the car, on the way from HA's house
Time: 6+pm

*The conversation started off after we visited HA's house for Eid. She was telling us on how her relative had gained profit for selling cakes for Raya, whom had got $30,000. Fuhh!!

Me: Waah! Really good ah selling cakes business! 30k in a month! Fuhh!!! I'd be rich in no time!!
Danny: Why? You wanna start selling your "Tapak Kuda" kah? *LOL*
Saiful: *speaking with different voices* Errr ... Suzi, you get ready to Japan now ah! (imitating HA). Owh sorry HA, I am making cakes now!! (imitating me) *LOL*
Danny: Yes, sorry HA. This costs me 30k to do. Japan can wait! *LOL*
Me: *LOL* <--- Darn! Couldn't find a better word to attack these evil monsters!! Grrr!!! Haha!!!

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