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Friday, 24 October 2008

Friday 24th

My day started off with my appointment at La Femme at 10am. I was 30 minutes late. I got distracted by my sis in the kitchen, who was nibbling on her plate of rice and roasted lambs. Couldn't help myself to have a few bites of the fantalicious dish! *fantastic+delicious=fantalicious! :P When I got there, I had my weight measured before the treatments started and I was impressed with my -1kg weight! Yeay! My strict diet worked! Shhh! Jangan tagur!! Hehe ...

The treatments this time were rather relaxing. Maybe my brain was all prepared with the pain and all. I even slept all the way through the sauna treatment! I noticed that I didn't sweat as much as last week :( Maybe I was fast asleep ... I dunno! Lesson learnt so I won't let my eyes shut next week for sure!! I lost yet another 0.4kg by the time I left La Femme and at least a centimetre less in all parts of my body. Yeyy!! :D

I was hungry as it was mid day so I dropped by the BCR but it was closed. It was Friday anyway, I forgot so I went home with empty stomach huhu ... As I spotted on the leftover of mum's roasted lambs, I took another bowl of rice and a few pieces of the high calories meal huhu ... What to do guys! Miss Mooney is coming so couldn't help the temptations :(

My afternoon was spent online. Too tired to do any blogging, I chatted online with whoever was available. My cuzzies were also online so we talked for a while on our HCAC shirts, which will be in our hands by next Sunday. I wanted to take a quick nap but it was already after Asar so I went downstairs to the family room watching TV with mum and the rest. By 8pm, we were all ready to leave to Ujung Bukit to visit my dad's bro for Eid. They gave open house so yup! My diet got spoiled again! Huhu :(

Yes of course we took lots of pictures but it's kinda late now so I'll upload some when I have the time ok! Am so full now and my eyes are heavy! I'm sure I just gained that 1kg back!! Huhu ...

PS: Happy Birthday Bahri!!! Can't believe he's out celebrating with his friends cheh!!!
PPS: Happy Birthday Zul F!!! Stay cool and happy always ya! ;)


Princess Gizmo said...

Nyum nyum tapak kuda ku makan kemarin ah.. :P

Suzila A said...

Uwaaaaaaa! TApak Kudaaaaaaaa!!! :'(

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