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Friday, 17 October 2008

*It's NOT Painful*

Sigh~ I kept saying "It's NOT painful" when I had my slimming treatment at La Femme today. It WAS painful you guys!! It made you say to yourself --> The old saying is right! It takes all to be beautiful. Sigh~

When I arrived at the Beauty Salon, I checked on my diary card. It's where all my slimming progress is kept. I actually had the treatment way back in 2004 and still had 9 more visits to make. As I was busy with work, I got pretty occupied with all the time that I got that I forgot about it. It was just recently when mum made me go there again to continue my treatment --> she said I have gone TOO fat now! Erk!! Checking the card, in 2004, I weighed 13kg LESS than I weigh now huhu .... :( I blame it to the busy life I am having!!! Chisss!!!

I gotta say! After 4 years not going there, I had forgotten how the procedure was. Most of all, I had forgotten how PAINFUL it was huhu ... After I've gone through it today, I am gonna list down what each visit consists of, in case I forget it again in future (Hey! Who knows right!) ..

On every visit, there are 4 different treatments. The first two are done at the same time by two beauticians: one is giving you the Slimming Massage (this feels like heaven!!) and the other one is the Liposuction. The latter is the painful encounter.

Before both processes are done, sort of cream or ointment is put on your whole body (yes, you only wear your underwear throughout the session!). One will do the massage while the other uses the machine to suck the fatty skin out. Hey! No bleeding happens here okay! Just sucking out the skin, with more concentration on the fatty areas. Imagine having your vacuum cleaner sucking your skin: that feeling times 10!! THAT painful girls!! Huhu ... The most painful parts are waist and thighs, OMG! That's when I kept telling myself, "IT'S NOT PAINFUL!"

Next, the relaxing treatment: the Sauna. This takes roughly 40 to 45 minutes. I love this cause I gotta sweat like I've never sweat before! Girls! I DON'T sweat! Even when I do my jogs and hikes, I RARELY sweat! I guess, I've too much fats blocking my skin capillaries! So when I sweat in the sauna, I feel like ........ Waaaa!!! Get my I mean?? Heee *smile widely*

Next is the weird procedure: you are wrapped like a mummy! What's weirder is the wrapping cloths are cold as if they just froze it or something! This is called the Cool Wrap treatment. It's meant to tighten your skin after the fats are shrunk or released through sweating. This takes another 30 minutes. When you feel heat in sauna, this time you get all freezy in the wrap.

Then, voila! That's the visit you make in 3 hours :) Oh! By the way, before you start the treatments, your whole body will be measured: your weight, your body fats and your body measurements in centimeters. After the Cold Wrap, yet the same measurements are made.

I hereby announced that I have lost 0.4kg in today's visit! Yeay!! :D I know it's not much but it's a good start! The most impressive result is, I lost 1.3cm of my abdomen and about 0.7-1cm lesser of most part of my body. Heeeee ................ It's paid off huh!! :D

Just wanna share! Here's the calories list that we should consider in our daily diet. As for my case, I am only allowed to take 1000 calories per day so from this list, I gotta take a few types of food and calculate to equivalent to 1000 calories or less. People! I wanna lose at least 15 kg by next June. Sounds ambitious huh! Well, we gotta have that spirit girls!!! Aza aza fighting!!!! :D


Fast Food:
- Cheese Burger (305 each)
- Mc Muffin Egg (280 each)
- Fish Fillet (370 each)
- Medium Fries (320/order)
- Fried Chicken (415 each)
- Pizza (450/slice)
- Garlic Bread (130/slice)
- Banana Split (510/serve)
- Vanilla Cone (230/cone)
- Sandwich (300-400/set)

Dairy Products:
- Cooking Oil (135/tablespoon)
- Full Cream Milk (150/cup)
- Cheese (95/slice)
- Yogurt (200/cup)
- Ice Cream (165/100gm)
- Jam (55/tablespoon)
- Jam (55/tablespoon)
- Mayonnaise (78/tablespoon)
- Peanut Butter (95/tablespoon)
- Butter (100/tablespoon)
- Miracle Whip (70/tablespoon)

- Cooked Rice (100/half cup)
- White Bread (70/slice)
- Quaker Oats (110/quarter cup)
- Cooked Macaroni (155/cup)
- Pita Bread (66/half piece)
- Muffin (310/slice)
- Pancake (300/slice)
- Plain Porridge (100/bowl)
- Noodles Soup (750/bowl)
- Fried Noodles (850/plate)
- Fried Rice (750/bowl)
- Wonton Soup (230/4 pieces)

- Apple (70/piece)
- Banana (100/medium)
- Dates (490/cup)
- Grapes (35/10 pieces)
- Orange (50/medium)
- Durian (125/2 pieces)
- Pineapple (50/slice)
- Mango (120/medium)
- Kiwi (45/piece)
- Papaya (70/slice)
- Peach (39/piece)
- Canned Peach (80/half cup)

- Broccoli (40/cup)
- Carrots (16/cup)
- Corn (120/piece)
- Onions (65/cup)
- Baked Beans (200/cup)
- Shredded Coconut (450/cup)
- Avocado (310/piece)
- Tofu Bean Curd (40/piece)
- Pea (80/cup)

Sauces or Flavouring:
- Honey (65/tablespoon)
- Chilli/Tomato Sauce (20/tablespoon)
- Chicken Cube (8/cube)

- Coleslaw (76/2 oz)
- Chicken Pao/Bun (280/piece)
- Deep Fried Roll (136/piece)
- Potato Salad (180/4 oz)
- Baked Potato (220/piece)
- Peanuts (420/half cup)

- Soft Drinks (80/can)
- Coffee without sugar (4/cup)
- Sugar (13/tablespoon)
- Low Fat Milk (125/cup)
- Skimmed Milk (85/cup)
- Plain Milo (80/cup)
- Choclate Milk (300/cup)
- Apple Juice (80/glass)
- Fresh Orange Juice (83/glass)
- Tomato Juice (42/glass)
- Prune Juice (120/glass)
- Plain Lipton Tea (2/cup)

- Roasted or Steamed Chicken (280/piece)
- Chicken Liver (30/piece)
- Sausage (145/piece)
- Lambchop (340/90g)
- Sirlion Steak (230/3 oz)
- Boiled Fish Ball (50/10 pieces)
- Fried Beef (170/100g)
- Barbecue Fish (350/100g)
- Sardine (360/100g)
- Oysters (50/5 pieces)
- Canned Tuna (144/4 oz)
- Fried Chicken Chop (400/100g)
- Boiled Egg (80/piece)

Dessert Cakes:
- Cheese Cake (400/slice)
- Apple Pie (320/slice)
- Plain Donut (100/piece)
- English Muffin (140/piece)
- Coconut Roll (130/piece)
- Fried Banana (190/piece)
- Layered Cake (100/slice)
- Graham Crakers (55/piece)
- Chips Ahoy! (160/3 pieces)
- Oreo Cookies (150/3 pieces)
- Pringles Chips (170/1 oz)
- Kit Kat Bar (160/bar)
- Egg Tart (320/piece)
- Brownies (140/piece)


hazel said...

waaaah, tak lama lagi, slimlah dia tu..

ANIH said...

"I hereby announced that I have lost 0.4kg in today's visit! Yeay!! :D I know it's not much but it's a good start! The most impressive result is, I lost 1.3cm of my abdomen and about 0.7-1cm lesser of most part of my body. Heeeee ................ It's paid off huh!! :D"

Darls~ siuk kan sdh nampak result nya ah.. berbaloi eyh.. walaupun ermm.. IT'S NOT PAINFUL..p sakit kli ah. part yg liposuction ah.. huhu.. p b,sauna a2 siuk tu lenx.. me pernah sdh..

Apth g kana urut ah.. walau sexseh.. me prnah lenx msa d,SPA.. huhu.. mbri malu walau sama bini2.. haha!

Sabar sja lenx.. b,sakit-sakit dulu,,, senang kmudian.. truskan prjuangan lenx..! Sure u can do it ;) Syang jua lenx.. u bayar sdh ah.. g pun mcm berbaloi bah result nya ah...

Yth lenx.. me ktawa bah bca ur post ah.. cali bah ur post ah.. Ermm.. dun give up lenx ...altough IT'S NOT PAINFULL.. Sigh~

Anonymous said...

You can do it cousin kami!! cut down ur calorie intake works!. Good luck..

Princess Gizmo said...

Wohooo!!!! Glad u made it!! I really wish good luck for you :) if u need more calorie burning do ask me ok? I mean u wanna join d belly dance, salsa dance sure just tell me! In fact, i'm getting fatter myself akekeke... :)

Very informative on the calorie intakes ;)

Suzila A said...

Hazel ... Aminnnn ... :) Thanks for the support!!

Suzila A said...

Anih ... IT'S NOT PAINFUL (10000x) huhu ... Of all the 4 treatments, I enjoy the massage and sauna! One is relaxing, another one is satisfying!

Thanks for your support sis! Mwahz! :)

Suzila A said...

Hi Ting!! Huhu ... Tapak Kudaaa!!! Erk!!

Suzila A said...

Princess ... I'll let you know ya! I'm sure I need more calorie burning after what I consumed today at Mamashasha's and my uncle's huhu ...

Is there a lesson on Latin Dance?? Just wondering ...

Thanks for your support darl! :)

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