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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ex-Friend Chit-Chat

Okay, now this is what I wanna share with all today! When you read through, I might make you ask questions that could raise an issue ... or not. Well, here goes!

Now, I gotta admit I got very painful past times with those I used to call 'friends'. Not that I chose NOT to be their friends anymore but somehow, they wanted it! I am not the type who'd beg and ask, "Why are you ending this? What have I done?" bla bla bla. When I sense that someone is neglecting me, I'd make a distance. It's like, I got the hint and all! I mean, c'mon! It's not the end of the world when others DON'T like you or your company. There are more people out there who care to sit and chat with me. You say 'Bye', I say 'Hi' to others!

So back to the main story here. Today, a friend ('A') who works with an "ex-friend" told me on how he couldn't stand her at work! I just listened la. Just nodded and shrugged. I know why he couldn't take her anymore cause she IS a pain in the a**! He even called her "weak minded" as I added to her as "over sensitive".

I remember back in Uni when this particular person was so over sensitive over my comment on her pale face. As a friend (back then) of course la I was worried since she was someone who won't leave the house without make-ups on! Ok la, maybe she thought I was a lil harsh asking her, "Why you look so pale? Are you OK?" but trust me! Wallahi, hurting her feeling was NOT what I intended. You know what she did? She didn't speak to me the rest of the semester! Geez! Let her be la. I don't wanna cause her anymore pain as she finds me a "mulut celupar" kind of girl. Well, honestly, I should thank her though cause she taught me to watch my mouth more seriously, even on a very simple matter as such 'innocent' remark I did (other friends of mine said the questions above were purely innocent, so yeah! I'd like to think it that way).

Hmm ... at other time, I made a mistake to another friend 'B' during a tutor (who did not even mind about it cause she knew it was unintended), but this "ex-friend" burst and dared to say to 'B', "If I were you .... I would ....." (you don't wanna know the end of that sentence ... sigh~). Feeling guilty, I bought 'B' a red rose and a box of Ferrero Roche chocolate. 'B' was surprised and had even forgotten what I had done the day before. I was like ... hmmm ... So why did the "ex-friend" go mad when 'B' didn't even care? Sheeesh!!!

So today, talking to 'A' about her, I couldn't help feel sad for the situation he is in. Working with a lady like her can make his life hell. Been there, done that!!

Thank God we are now "ex-friends". Can't tolerate her attitude no more!

PS: Before ending the 'sharing chit-chat', 'A' then remembered something.

Back in 2006, I gave a short talk on tackling exam classes. The "ex-friend" was there and 'A' sat next to her. 'A' told me this "Hey! Look there!" *while I was doing my talk* "Yeah, why?" Then she said to 'A': "I DON'T LIKE HER!" (I only knew 'A' in November 2007).

Sigh~ Some people are just .................


Anonymous said...

owh..been there...done that :-p the best thing to do is angkat kaki and jalan..never turn back cuz this kind of people...not worth our time at all

Princess Gizmo said...

Ohh..That's annoying!! I agree w/ your action! Well her lost not u. U got tons of good friends out there dear :)

Ish if it were me..Hehehehe... I'll say something to her hahaha...Well in a nice sarcastic possible way.. ;) get what I mean? Hohoho :D

Suzila A said...

Doll .. Yea u're right. I remember you made an entry about this too few months back. Thanks dear. But u see, these ex-friends of mine just don't stop! It's like sending me a message that we have an 'unfinished' business that I don't have no idea about! Ain't that annoying?!

One of them is what I learnt today! I didn't know 'A' till late last year and that ex-friend pandai hasut orang pulak! Even 'A' was saying: "Macam kan hasut orang to not to get know u or whatever! C'mon la! We're not children anymore!!"

Even 'A' was annoyed, what's more with me! Memang some people just DON'T know when to quit!

Suzila A said...

Princess ... Thanks darl! Yea, I just can't help it! I make a distance whenever I feel pushed away. Hurting others is just not my kind of thing and if I ever did, Wallahi, it's NOT intended. Hey, nobody's perfect so the least I could do is, stay away!

I don't like it coz I treasure friendships. What to do kan if they choose not to make me stay in their circle of friends. It hurts and takes time to heal. Yet again, having new friends who accept me the way I am is the best cure ever!

Thanks Maya for being a friend. On counting, we've been friends for 16 years darl! Wow!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! :)

MamaShasha said...

Hai darl,
i just read ur entry this morning. and here I am, want to leave comments about this thing.

What I can say is...PEDULI LAH!! kalau sudah org inda mau bekawan atu, just let it be. You still have many friends out mentioned by Maya. Only true friend yang look least, you show your care kan. even, before ani, I got friends yang cakap macam atu..inda pun aku terasa...sensitip banar jua that person. mm...anyway, been there..and done that. Sometimes, I am too sick kalau org terlalu sensitio ani..buat ani salah..buat atu salah...even now I feel down a bit ani, tidak akan berpuas hati dengan apa orang buat...sensitip..macam durang saja lurus...pi dah...grow up!! marah tah ku tu ling... I want to make a new post, tai aku alum ada sini tah ku meluahkan...

Princess Gizmo said...

Ooohhh! Relax Mamashasha..Breathe in Breathe out..Breathe in breathe out. Nanti tah we vent our our probs when we 3 get together ok? Right Suzi? :)

Suzila A said...

Hey girls! Bowh! I know how u feel Mamashasha! I mean, we just wanted to care for them that's all kan! Too bad they took it the wrong way sigh~

Aku garam ati kamu sal for many2 years aku nda kacau idup nya tau2 kelmarin buka cerita sal ya hasut urg yang baru kenal aku (in a talk) and till yesterday, I DID NOT realize 'A' was even there during the talk I delivered. Ya tah kan, kalau sudah banci atu, tani nda kacau, ya still jua sakit hati! Sigh~

I know how u feel Mamashasha *hugs*

Suzila A said...

Princess ... Yup! Now we gotta make this one happen! We've made lots of postponement!!! I miss you girls to bits!!

*big hugs*

Anih said...

I agree wit ur guys, f sdh kwn ignore bhapa kn d,tngu g kn..tpi me ani heran, bauri n ask 2 maself y? Ada kh nda ku ckp salah..yg worse part pernh me ask..p dpends org nya. Slalu yg close sja lh

Eh sis, nda jua ur intention kn hurt ia pnya feelings ah, skadr nagur muha pucat..aduii.. Mcm kmi, kdg2 nda jua b,pantang. P bkn harsh ah, nagur my fren d,ofiz. Sorang ani mbri ksian bh.

6 yrs sdh kenal ia, fham kn perangainya..ksian as a fren kmi nashat. Sal slalu create prblem.. Mcm2 lah. Nda g b,fikir. Bila sdh b,masalh mental tia d,opis. Kmi yg jarih :D p bila d,nsihati mcm d,slurukn nya kmi.. Sigh

Msa ani kmi diam2 sja lh f ia create prblem g.. Mbwa mental nya n such.. Then kweng3 arh kmi jua ia 2 merujuk.. Keke. Cali lah n ksian jua.. Dulur tia d,org dgn blues nya, yg pnting ktani ikhlas sis ah..

Eh sis, las nite me watch malay movie,tipu kiri tipu kanan.. Romantic comedy lh.. N ada mesej.. Cmpare senario nda brapa..

Chat-box: 17 Oct 08, 00:33

Suzila A said...

Sigh~ I guess this kind of people memang anda mentality problem!! Not professional even! Sigh~

I got similar friend like your colleague atu jua ling. I have to make a distance coz she hurts my feelings over and over but at the end of the day, I still want to treasure our friendship. After all, she's a nice girl when her 'mentality' is more 'stable'.

I personally think urg cemani ani ada masalah dalaman. If urg lain nda dapat terima kedia, we try our best to accept her by not ignoring her 100% but give advice ka or be there for her. Then again, banyak kes mcm dorang ani INDA AMBIL PEDULI, like your colleague ani. So, when this happens, I make a distance. Sigh~ Bukan kan tunjuk I am a true friend, but come to think of it, she has a problem, sort of PENYAKIT KEKANAK2AN so layan la saja walaupun menyakitkan hati most of the time.

Remember, we are not perfect jua kan ...

Thanks dear for sharing :) About the movie, bah, nanti ku menjaurkan diri ke wayang meliat keke :p

ANIH said...

yup lenx.. banar plng we're not perfect. But as a frens nasihat yang mana perlu n disamping menerima teguran p biar lah berpatutan.. haha..

ytah lenx.. andang boleh dipanggil mental 2 lenx... senang aja.. F d,orang membuat ulah lagi... jwp saja NO FURTHER COMMENT..wawa.. biar ia lenx..tau ia b,fikir tu nanti kan...

Tc alwez darls... siuk jua ah mcm2 isu kitani ah... ;)

Suzila A said...

Anih ... Yea. That's another good way to layan this 'mentality disorder' kind of people: NO FURTHER COMMENT. I like that! ;)

Thanks sis for sharing it with me :) Sometimes when we can't handle some probs, the one thing that helps is let it out with those you trusted. I'm glad you share it with me :) Thanks again darl! :)

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