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Saturday, 18 October 2008

What a Day to Cope With

It's almost 12am now and I just got home from my uncle's place. Today was a hard day to cope with ...

My day was mellow as ever at first. I woke up late and felt the fever. My body was aching, I think it's cause of the painful treatments I had the other day. Achobaan! Then I found myself infront of the TV set watching the National Teachers Day Celebration. Honestly, I hadn't watched a single celebration for years but I made an exception this year cause I wanted to see how the primary kids were performing today. They were awesome ofcourse! Good job to both my girlfriends: Scrappermaya and Mamashasha, of course with the rest of the team, Milin and Chrissy plus the others :) Well done guys!!! :D

I gotta say, the girls were excited when His Majesty approached the kids after the celebration. It was obvious that His Majesty was happy with their performance. I think they had had their practice since March (correct me if I'm wrong girls hehe). I still could see Mamashasha's eager face meeting His Majesty while Scrappermaya tried to make her way to the front <-- slightly pushing Mamashasha to move forward kekeke :P Girls, you two were great!! :D

After TV, I went back to my room, set the time and went back to sleep. The flu had got into me and the only sound that came out of my mouth was a whisper! Well, in a sexy way though erk!! :P By almost 4pm, I got ready to visit Mamashasha's place, as promised. When I got to her crib, she was on her way home from class so I got into her place before she did. It felt weird as I greeted her "Hari Raya" in her own house kekeke :P Scrappermaya and her better half came an hour later. We were there up-dating news and such over tea. Well, over noodles and fried chicken actually. I had mental calculation of a plate of noodles that I had, erk! Gosh! I guess I had bound to dieting strictly now, sigh~ By Maghrib, we left Mamashasha's and went separate ways.

Us today :P Love you girls!! :D Next date please ....

I went straight to my uncle's place as the rest of my families were already there. Hanging out at my uncle's in Rimba made my fever worse! All I did was lying on his couch in the living room while at times taking pictures of my cousins and siblings nibbling on Banana Split that they had made earlier today. We planned to bake Tapak Kuda but in the end canceled it. My aunt prepared Soto, Rojak and Ketupat for us too.

To keep warm, I had a bowl of the soup and a plate of the Rojak. Also, couldn't help myself to have two Ketupats with Beef Rendang. I think I had gone over the 1000 calories intake today. Sigh~ It was a hard day to cope with! Fighting with cravings is indeed difficult! With the fever and cold that I am having, it also added to my problem! I gotta consumed some food to keep me warm. Sigh~ What a day ...

The sick me ... Huhu ...

Haha ... Fighting over the Banana Split! I didn't join. Gotta pass! :P

Hanif entertaining the small ones. Look at Haziq! He's the eager one here! Hehe ..

The other side of the house: the males watching the soccer match. Typical!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Oh Gosh! I was so embarrassed when u tell me about I'm pushing Normas just to greet HM!! Hahahhaha... If u didn't mention it I'm sure I don't even remember i did it!! Well, not my fault hehehe..Sapa suruh chegu dapan ku atu stuck dpn ah mliat HM??Hahahha it will be unfair kalau aku inda sampat salam hehehehe :P jgn marah Mamashasha hehehehe.... huh?It will be hard dear u must have strong determination hehehe...Gd luck! :P

Suzila A said...

Princess ... Hehehe :P Hell yeah! If you see YOU on TV, you'll laugh too!! Kekeke :P But then, c'mon! I'd do the same! It's HM!!! Not ANY guy! :D

Thanks for your support. Not that am bragging about it. I just need to remind myself over and over!

It IS hard huhu :(

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