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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Touch of Thoughts

It's not simply a thought but something extra special especially sent all the way from Bahrain to me today :) In my previous entries I did share about a special friend from Bahrain whom I called Mo. He's so special that I feel at ease talking with him on MSN or via phone lines. He's funny on his own cheeky ways and caring in the next moment. I could talk to him like forever.

Now, it's been quite a while we haven't talked online. He's busy with work, so do I. But as busy as I can be, I still have the time to stay online, though I literally don't chat while doing something on my lappy. Well anyway, as for Mo, he's .... I dunno. I remember him telling me that sometimes he signs-in on MSN but just stares on the computer screen, having nothing to think about. In other words, he just sits there, going ....... blank! At other times, he comes online and goes to bed instead! Sigh~ I wonder how he's been treated at work that leaves him with that mental state! Sure I do believe him when he explained that cause he sounded sincere when he did.

So, just being a friend, I don't push him to come online and talk to me. Of course there were misundertandings for the past few months we've become friends. I often feel neglected, or even left behind. It's hurting especially when you really what the friendship to last. Guess what he said in our arguments? He asked me questions that actually got me into thinking:

"Are you used to being pushed away Suzi?"
"What makes you think I am leaving you?"
"What have I done to make you feel that I don't what us to be friends anymore?"

And many more ques! It was like a hit to my heart cause it's like a wake-up call that I shouldn't bother with silly stuff like feeling rejected or whatever. I mean, I am 29 for God's sakes! If he ever wants to leave, why should I bother and get whiny like a baby?? Sheesh!! Mo, sorry for being childish before, erk!! :S

So, since then, whenever I miss talking with him, I'd leave offline messages, asking the usual, you know, to send the message that someone somewhere is thinking about him. What's irritating sometimes is when I only get the replies days or weeks after that. He really tests my patient this guy! But hey! Now I'm used to it! That's actually another lesson he's given me: Not to be too clingy!! Thanks Mo! You've taught me well dude!!

Mo is very thoughtful. He greeted me "Ramadhan Kareem" on MSN after weeks we haven't talked online. He remembered me and came online to wish me that. Then on first day of Eid, he sent me a message, greeting me "Eid Mubarak" early morning his time. He's just a sweet friend. A very sweet thoughful friend :-)

Well, today, when I least expected it, his message came. He sent it at 8+ am his time (1+ pm our time) apologizing for not going online for quite sometime. His message ended with the 3 words: "I miss you" :-) He made my day! Sure, I replied saying the same. Then later at 3+ pm his time, he sent me an MMS. I was expecting to see his latest picture but this is what I got! :-D

Ain't he sweet! My heart goes .... Awwww .... It came with the message: "Hope you all the best. Thanks 4 being there 4 me. When are you coming to Bahrain?"

Hmm ... I will dude. One day I will. You have my word! :-)

PS: Thanks Mo for being a good friend. I miss talking with ya dude! Please come online soon ya! Take care! Mwahz!!

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