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Monday, 27 October 2008


Okay! I realised how boring my blog has become in the past few months. I guess it's strongly related to the unstable emotions that I am having right now. I apologize for the entries that annoy you. Or make you roll your eyes. Or even shut down this page soon as seeing my yet another boring entry. Can't help it guys. I AM unstable right now ... sigh~

So, I guess I should just keep myself away from blogging for the time being. Even at the moment, I have lessen my time on MSN. I don't wanna hurt my friends' feelings over my stupidly uncontrolled mood swings. Though feeling better from the flu and coughs, deep inside, I am still ..... unwell.

Sigh~ Sometimes I wonder when will I heal. I hope it will be soon cause it hurts so much ...

See you when I see you! Cheers!


Anih said...

Adeh adeh! Apanya suzi ah. Blog nya boring tia. Sfa ckp boring ah..?? Hehe. I lov ur blog. Sdh th ia ajr me ckp english. Sma 2 u ,mamashasha n scrapermaya.. English yg m,dlm. Plus interesting story. Mostly ur ckp sni funy bh.. Hehe :D

Ada yg mcm me bca cmprehension. How u do dat ah.. Ermm. Eh btw sis, im sori lma nda drop by, even gve coments. Ada me bca. Ani cek pkai hp th ganya. Na siuk ah. Jrang kn ada chance g kn megang lapy ah

My son g damam, ampus tia sis. Hows u? Alum me t,post pic ah.. :/ ermm..a2 bh sal sandal spice gal ah, n sis cna kn u brani pkai 5inch shoe ah. Me singan heels 2,inch th sja ah.. :D & psl a2 th jua ku suka b,bata slipr spare d,keta. Yth ni mikirkn slipar putus apa ah :D

Supermummy said...

hahaha..awu suzi banar tu nya ka anih ah,bebata slipar spare lam kerita ah..mcm payung jua tu.

Ndada jua boreng suzi blog ah..siuk plang ku membaca,unstable emotion..nda papa tu yang penting aku happy membaca..makin rajin ku kemari menyubuk2..sama tah jua mcm aku up down nda beranti hehehe..sama2 tani beshare saja kali ah hehe.

Princess Gizmo said...

Oh c'mon lah dear it's normal for us to spit out our feelings. Remember blog is similar to diary except this can be read by anyone or none at all.

So cheers darl. Just take your time. No need to rush ok? *hugs u*

Anonymous said...

Hi again... It's me.. Anonymous @ Aleeya. Reading ur blog is just like flipping my old diaries... Your reply in last comment make me thinking how fine I'm now!! :( U want to know the truth... I'm still holding on to the memories :( and keeping wonder when and how it will over....

Maybe we can exchange stories one day..

Dismantled Doll said...

No la dear your blog isnt boring la. But i know how u feel. Just take your time..whenever u feel like blogging again.I pun lately mcm tu jgk la...semua x kena... but yeah..i hope u'll feel better. I'm here ;-)

izz said...

don't stop blogging yaaa... ur entries always nice n interesting laa...hemmm..just rehat kejap tenangkan fikiran yaaa..

"when will i heal"..
sis, don't worry, one day time will heal your 'scars' spontaneously... u'll be surprised when suddenly it happens..seriously...masa tu u akan terkejut "ehh, where that 'feeling' go?" or " come i can forget it n got this new feeling inside me ya?"....
i believed u'll experience it one day..jangan tunggu2 just jangan fikir2 sangat n slumber enjoy life...
i know all of us got different i jst shared mine with u..after 7yrs baru i can replaced the 'feeing' inside which i rasa terkejut sangat n pelik...rarely people can touched our soul deep inside yaaa... best of luck sis...;D

elizhitomi said...


Suzila A said...

Hello all! Thanks for the kind comments. I've taken my break and now I am back, yet with another traumatic feeling. Sigh~ It just keeps coming guys :'(

Thanks Anih and Supermummy. My page is what I am. Do drop by anytime you like and I will keep it the way it goes: letting out what's inside. To Anih, I have quite a number of short stories to share with all. Wait till I upload them ya! I hope you'll love 'em! And thanks for your support :)

To Princess .. Thanks babe! Thanks for being there for me. I hope we'll stay strong ya. 16 years and keep going. That's my prayer from now on ..

To Anonymous@Aleeya .. Hi again :) I've added you in YM but you haven't accepted the last time I checked it. Here's my email: or you may add me in MSN:

To Doll .. Thanks darl for adding me to your new blog. People! Drop by Dismantled Doll's page! Hers is awesome!! Never missed dropping by her page every night :) And Doll, thanks for being there for me too. I am coping up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To Izz .. Darlin! Thanks a million for your advice here. You are MY Doctor Cinta ;) I will try my very best to cool it ya. I hope I could. I hope I will heal soon. I do hope so. I want to smile again and call out 'that' name of the person I finally settle down with. I wonder when huh?? Sigh~~

Once again girls ... Thanks for checking out my humble page. Now I am pretty occupied with workloads and my upcoming camp with preparations and all. Will try updating my days, and my thoughts here whenever I feel like letting 'em out.

PS: Will try hold back the feeling from posting 'my story with him' from now on. It hurts to even share it with all ..... :(

Thanks again all. Love ya! Mmmwahz!!

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