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Saturday, 11 October 2008

~Becoming Jane~

Jane Austen was a great novelist who wrote popular novels in English. Her most popular one was 'Pride and Prejudice'. I came to learn this (as I am not an avid reader of novels with perfect linguistics and syntax) after watching "Becoming Jane" played by Anne Hathaway.

Jane Austen, a great novelist who herself was the greatest love story of her own. You should watch this movie. There're so much scenes that touched me. Just sharing ...


*After Tom Lefroy failed to ask consent from his uncle to marry Jane Austen, he was engaged to another girl by force. Hearing the news that Mr. Wisley asked for Jane's hand in marriage, Tom rushed back to the country to stall the wedding ...

Jane: I believe I must congratulate you Mr. Lefroy. You come to visit an old friend in such a time, how considerate.

Tom: I have … come … to offer an explanation… blatantly, of my conduct, I cannot think how to describe it.

Jane: Tell me about your lady, Mr. Lefroy. From where did she come?

Tom: She’s from County Waxwood.

Jane: Your own country. Excellent! What was it that won her? Your manner? Smiles and pleasing address?

Tom: I cannot do this! *kissed her*

Jane: *pushed him away and got angry*

Tom: So you would marry Wisley? If there’s a shred of truth or justice inside of you, you CANNOT marry him!

Jane: I don’t know Mr. Lefroy. Justice by your own admission, you know little of love, and truth even less.

Tom: Jane! I’ve tried. I’ve tried and I cannot live this lie. Can you?

Jane: *looked away*

Tom: Jane … Can you?


Tom: What value would it be in life if we’re not together?


Tom: Run away with me.

Jane: Run away?

Tom: That is exactly what I proposed. We’ll leave London and by Friday, we’ll be in Scotland as man and wife.

Jane: Leave everything?

Tom: Everything! It is the only way we can be together.



*At a coffee shop waiting for the next coach to London ...

Jane: How many brothers and sisters do you have in America, Tom?

Tom: Enough. Why?

Jane: What are the names of your brothers and sisters?

Tom: They’re … *saw Jane holding his sister’s letter*

Jane: To whom do they depend?

Tom: *sighed*

Jane: Your reputation’s destroyed.

Tom: *sighed* I can earn money.

Jane: That will not be enough.

Tom: I will rise!

Jane: God knows how many mass depending on you. My sweet, sweet friend, you sink and we all sink with you.

Tom: I will … *cut off*

Announcer: Hampshire! Hampshire is leaving in 5 minutes.

Jane: *packed her stuff*

Tom: No! No! Jane! I will never give you up!

Jane: Tom …

Tom: Don’t speak or think or … Just love me. Do you love me?

Jane: Yes!

Tom: *smiled*

Jane: But if our love destroys your family, it will destroy itself.

Tom: No!

Jane: Yes! In a long slow aggravation of guilt and regret and blame!

Tom: That is nonsense!

Jane: It’s the truth …

Tom: *sighed*

Jane: Meant for contradiction … but it must come with a smile *smile* or it was like ... we should keep to this force so we can fight now than never at all.

Tom: Don’t leave …

Jane: Goodbye …


*15 years later, in a mass gathering in a hall ...

Guest: Is it Miss Austen? THE Miss Austen?

Jane: No, madam. That courtesy, according to the customs, belong to my elder sister.

Guest: Miss Jane Austen, the author of 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Henry: My sister wishes to remain anonymous, thank you.

*guest left*

*Jane saw the figure of Tom at the entrance*

Henry: *exchanged look with Jane and left, ran after Tom*

*other part of the hall ...

Henry: *spoke to Tom* Please. Come with her.

Jane: I should never forgive him with this!

Henry’s wife: Yes you will. We always forgive him for everything.

Tom: Jane, an old friend. Late as ever.

Jane: Mr. Lefroy.

Tom: Please allow me to introduce to you, your most avid of admirers, my daughter, Miss Lefroy.

Miss Lefroy: Miss Austen. It was a pleasure to meet you. Will you read for us this evening?

Henry: Well, you see, my sister never reads, otherwise how is she suppose to remain anonymous.

Miss Lefroy: But … *cut off*
Tom: JANE!


Jane Austen: I will make an exception, if my new friend wishes it *smiled*

Jane Lefroy: *smiled widely*
Jane Austen: Come sit by me …


In her short life, Jane Austen wrote six of the greatest novels in the English Language.

Tom Lefroy had a successful career as a lawyer and became Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.

He named his eldest daughter, Jane.

Neither Jane nor her sister, Cassandra, ever married.

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