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Saturday, 25 October 2008


Last night, we went to Ujung Bukit for an open house at my uncle's place. We left home rather late and when we got there, it had started to rain. So we rushed to the wooden bridge, which was lengthy, only to find out one of my thick Spice Girls shoes was torn! What's worse, the only pair of shoes that I had in my car was the 5-inch pair! Imagine me, an elephant size, walking on the bridge all the way to my uncle's, on my long 'gamis'! Not to mention the dark night, which on both sides, were the graveyards. And on HEELS!! Gosh! I'd to hold on to Nurul to walk properly. At times, I almost fell off!

Nurul: Eh, walk steady! Feel confident in your heels!
Me: It's difficult la! *screamed a high-pitch tone as one of my heels got trapped in between a hole of the bridge*
Nurul: LOL! Eh, confident la! Feel the sexy move! You'll walk just fine I tell you!
Me: *cursing <-- "Sexy walk kepala hotak mu!!"* How to walk sexy!! I got trapped all the way!! *screamed again* It wouldn't be funny if I fell off into the water!!
Nurul: Ya lor! If that so, swim sexily la!! LOL
Me: *cursing again* I can't even swim!!
Nurul: LOL sigh~

Okay! I was pissed but I guess I'm too cute to show it hehe :P

My spoiled Spice Girls shoe! Cheh!!

The heels I was on. Imagine how difficult it was walking on those wooden platform! Also, notice the raindrops! It was hard I tell you!!

Told ya it was a long way to go! Sigh~~

At our uncle's we had various dishes: Mee Jawa (this is just delicious! I told mum to ask for the recipe but my aunt said it's a hard work, huhu), Spagetti, Macaroni, bla bla bla. All are yummy! Enough said!

In between meals, we were watching TV. As we were almost leaving, the rain fell heavily. We could hear raindrops on the zinc rooftop! So this means we had to stay till the rain stopped. It's a long way back to our car. Not to mention me walking on the 5-inch heels!!

So, making it worse, "Jangan Pandang Belakang" was on TV! We were like .... Grrreat! Dad loved the movie so we had to wait for him to watch it, at least up till the scene when the hero tuned on to the radio of the recital of Quranic verses when the ghost was disturbing him. Gosh! We didn't wanna watch it but the sound effects were just ....... Sheesshhh!!! Even Diana was looking away from the TV but my bro, Boy, got so interested in the movie cause he missed the first few minutes of the movie scenes when he watched it in the cinema last year.

Diana: So what's going on now? *looking away from the TV*
Boy: It's still following him now bla bla bla ... *watching TV and explaining the scene*
Diana: Eh? Really? Where? What happens? What's he doing?
Boy: Watch la! You keep asking me questions. Just watch la! Why you're so scared!
Diana: Don't want!! *still looking away from the TV*
Me: Of course la she's scared! She's gonna drive home alone later what!
Diana: Huhu .... *not happy*
Boy: *mumbled whatever*

My dad enjoying "Jangan Pandang Belakang" ..

Caught in the act: Mum and Uda Bini catching up with gossips keke :P

Diana refusing to watch the TV hehe :P

Yup! Am still sick :(

Killing the time: listening to MP3 and erm .. sleeping :P

By after 9pm, we were all ready to go home. It was still raining but it was already late. To wait for the rain to stop falling seemed impossible. We took a few pictures with the SOAS Mosque background. It was a nice view indeed!

Nurul and me, stuffed with food! Erk!!

Me and my cuz, Azrin ..

Nurul and me ..

Pudin, Nurul and Azri ..

Ehem! I walked all the way to the end of the bridge ... barefooted, erk! C'mon! It was raining and towards the end of the bridge, the rain started falling heavily. It was no way am gonna walk on heels in that condition! Besides, we were aware of the silence, if you know what I mean, erk!

Me: Eh, wait la! Wait for me! Ouch! *as I stepped on some hard and rough surfaced wooden platform*
Nurul: Faster la! It's raining!!! *moving faster*
Me: Waaait!!
Me: *screamed and started running*

Erk!! What a night out!!

PS: Dad was at the front with an umbrella. As Nurul and I reached him, he gave me his umbrella as he was worried about my asthmatic condition. I didn't take it of course as he wasn't wearing anything covering his head so I replied: "I'm wearing my scarf. You use the umbrella. I'm fine, dad!" :) My dad loves me! Hehe :P


Princess Gizmo said...

Azrin is your cuz?? Hahaha he was my Geo classmate in MD!! He was one of my friends like to goof around you know!! Crazy fella!! :D tell him that!!

Anyway yes you're too cute in the 1st pic hehehehe :P

Want to take some swimming lesson w/ me?? I'll charge you... $100 per hour uwahahahaha.. Skim Cepat Kaya ni.. XD

izz said...

hehehe...ya la the bridge is so wonder la...;D

Suzila A said...

Princess .. Yup! He's one of my closest cousins. He's a friend of Zul F too, who's ALSO my friend :) It's a lot of fun having them around! & Azrin! Man! He can make you laugh till you cry if you know what I mean hehe :P

$100 for swimming lesson? Hmm ... ada insurance?? Keke :P

Thanks! Am not that cute keke ;)

Suzila A said...

Izz ... Yea ... It's a looooong way to go!! & scary at night too erk!!

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