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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Message in a Bottle

CHAPTER 1: Diana's Voice

It'd been 3 years we'd gone out but Max had never brought up the 'M' topic and if ever I did, he'd gone pale and uneasy ... all the time. I love him and to be Mrs. Maxwell Clair had always been my dream ever since I set my eyes on him playing his drum on the stage with his band, "Maxi Boyz".

I remember that one day, as we strolled along the beach viewing the sunset, he let go of my hand when I asked him where our relationship was going. With that instant gesture, I was sure that my dream would never come true.

At some point, I'd to keep asking myself why was I so crazy about him? What made him so ignorant when it came to marriage? Was he scared? He did say he loved me. Why couldn't we just take it to another level? Why??

I overheard him telling a friend one night that he was proud for whom he had become, the idol for the teens. For him, music was his world. His life. His everything.
Their conversation halted when my presence was felt ...

I left the scene ... hurt ...

CHAPTER 2: Max's Voice

She was the most beautiful girl I've ever met. The only word to describe her is ... calm. That's made me so attached to her, unlike the other girls that had been in my life before. Diana ... the only name that's been carved in my heart for many many years ... and many more years to come ...

One thing. Just one thing that had always shattered our hearts. Marriage.

I don't know ... Not that I didn't want to. I was just not ready ... The life I had now was the life I had always dreamed of since I was younger. I wanted to be a legend! And a marriage would only make my dream remain ...

I know I'd hurt her a lot. I know I'd made the risk of losing the only girl I'd ever loved. And that night, when she heard what I say to Jimmy, I knew she'd not turn back to even say 'goodbye' ...

The calmness in her had gone as she walked away ...

So as the feeling in me.

'Calm' was not the word that could describe how I felt seeing her leave ... yet my feet froze to make a single step to stop her ...

I had hurt her I know ... Deeply hurt her ...

CHAPTER 3: The Day It Changed

Max woke up early that day. His schedule was finally free, unexpectedly, and the only name that popped in his head was 'Diana'. He reached his phone and dialed her number. It'd been 2 months he hadn't contacted her since that night he heard her cry over the phone. The night when she left him with Jimmy outside his recording studio.

It took him a while to call her. Various questions came to mind: "Would she answer the phone? It's only 7am" ... "Would she hang up if she heard my voice?" ... "What am I gonna say?"

He dialed the number anyway ...

She didn't pick up. Her answering machine did. Max left a message:

"Hi ... It's me. Hmm ... Good morning! *chuckled nervously* Well, hmmm ... just calling to say 'Hi'. Oh by the way, our road tour is a success! We just had the last one last night. It was awesome! I wish you were there ... *silence* ... I am going to the beach after this. If you have the time you could ..."

The machine went off. His message was just too long for it to record. Max sighed heavily, hung up the phone and lay flat on his back, looking at his ceiling. It was empty. He felt empty.

Gazing out the window, seeing the sunny day, he walked lazily to freshen up. 30 minutes later, he was cycling towards the beach.

"I wish she's here ...," he whispered.

CHAPTER 4: The Message

Bare footed, Max strolled along the beach alone that morning. Reminiscing the memories with Diana, he hummed a tune. He took out a small notebook that he always kept near, and a pen. He looked closely to it: "You're Music To My Heart".

"Diana ...," he whispered and the image of him unwrapping a thin box from her came cross his head. The pen was in it. He held it close to his chest and closed his eyes.

Sitting on the rocks, he started writing verses that conveyed his emotion at that very moment. Diana was on his mind all the time ...

Suddenly ... "Cling! Cling!"

Max got distracted and put the pen and notebook back into his pocket. He tried searching for the sound.

"Cling! Cling!"

He climed down the rocks and looked around. All he saw were the waves hitting the rocks that he stood on. Yet the sound kept coming. He went further down and a sparkle grabbed his attention. He moved forward and reached out.

A bottle!

Max had a closer look into it.

There was a piece of paper in the bottle!

Max took out the paper. In it, there was a message:

"Dear founder,
You have opened a sacred scroll.
Read on and never stop!

You are the chosen one.
Believe this!
This message is meant for you. This is true!

The scroll has found its owner and it's the answer to what the heart suffers.

The answer is in you when you believe.

Who ever is in you, is the one who will save you from doom.

A week is what you got and that's all you need to mend.
One week! Just one week!"

Max fell silent.

Reaching out his phone, he dialed Diana's number.

This time, she picked up ...

FINAL CHAPTER: What if ....

Diana walked slowly down the aisle. The "Maxi Boyz" looked handsome in their suits but the sole man her eyes stuck on was the most handsome among them. Waiting on the altar, Max put on his best coat while Diana looked like an angel in her white sandy long gown. Lillies in her hands made her look prettier than ever.

As the priest announced the crowd the blessing, they kissed as husband and wife. Diana's dream had now come true.

The next hour, the newlywed flew off to Paris for their honey moon. Both of them never let go of each other.

The next morning, Diana stood by the hotel room's window. Gazing at her husband sleeping comfortably in their bed. She smiled with tears in her eyes.

The tears of happiness.

She looked out the window, sipping the cup of coffee in her hand. Something was playing in her mind. Something she'd die to keep from her husband.

"Good morning Mrs. Clair ..."
"Morning honey! Did you have a good sleep?"
"Yea sure did!"

Diana handed Max his cup of coffee. For a moment, they looked into each others' eyes and smiled.

Somehow, Diana was lost. What had been playing in her head was now bothering the moment she was having with her beloved husband ... Kicking it off, she gazed out of the window again.

"What are you thinking about?" Max asked.
"Owh ... Nothing ... Nothing at all ...," she replied. She put a smile on her face that invited a gentle kiss on her lips.

Max left to the bathroom while Diana watched him.

Sighing, Diana said quietly ... "I wonder what would happen now if I hadn't put that message in the bottle ..."

With that, she took a final sip of her coffee and stepped towards the bathroom, smiling happily.

"What a beautiful day to waste!"

Written by: Suzila A
Inspired by: Course work in 2004

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