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Monday, 13 October 2008

Not a Good Start ... Fine in Between ... Bad Ending ...

My day started off with bad news from our clerk: my application to join the Public Relations Unit was rejected. Apparently, we overlooked the fact that the vacancy was meant for Diploma applicants, not a degree holder. Good! At least now I know I am rejected not because I am not qualified. Just wanna take the positive side of the whole thing really cause I had been looking forward to shift to that unit since I have so much interests in the area the unit is handling. Sigh~ Bukan rezeki .....

The day at work then turned from bad to worse! I started to feel unwell and having a bunch of students with not much interest in studying, it's just frustrating! So, I made them memorize the reasons to using Present Simple Tense!! Do you know that there are many ways why we should use it?? Well, my students didn't!! Not that I never told them but it just seems that whatever I have taught them have gone to the drain!! It is just .......... frustratingly annoying!!!

I met Sharul at lunch time. We watched Painted Skin at The Mall. It's a nice movie. Serious and funny in between. Then he drove me to La Femme in Bunut. I paid the $700 balance for my next treatment this Friday. Mum made me take the package again cause she thinks I have gone tooooo fat this time, erk!! Sigh~~

I went off to buy some ingredients for "Tapak Kuda" after we had our early buffet dinner at Red Chilli. Sharul didn't seem to enjoy the meals cause he's suffering from cold and swollen in his left ear. Just before we finished the BBQ dishes and Tom Yam Soup, Danny and Saiful came in. We had a quick chat between meals before leaving. It started raining heavily after Sharul and I stopped by a pet shop.

By 7pm, I got home and was forced to join my mum to my uncle's place. By then, I was starting to feel sick. I had taken in a packet of "Tolak Angin" syrup and soon after I vomited what I had consumed in Red Chilli, erk!! I started to feel the fever and cold. I guess my body can't tolerate the over-changing weather recently.

We finally went home at 11pm. I slept all the way home. Just didn't have the energy to stay awake no more. I didn't even join in playing with Haziq, whom had just got new pets of gold fish. I didn't want to get him infected with my flu and cough.

I went straight to bed when I got into my room. My head felt so heavy and I could feel the pain in my thoat! Oh no! I am sick again!!

What a bad day today :-(

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