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Friday, 10 October 2008

My Thoughts II

It's that thoughts sharing session again! Thanks to Anih, my blogger friend, who came up with the different definitions of LOVE, BEST FRIEND, SOUL MATE and THE NEXT BEST THING. So today, she posted an entry on the 'struggle' we all face on either following our INSTINCT or BRAIN. She got me thinking hard again so here's my thoughts that I shared on her page.


Hey darl! Before I share my thoughts here, I'd like to thank you for our chat today. It was nice ;)

So, here goes!

Personally, speaking from experience, having to do something, especially that makes you choose between two or many, following your instinct could be damaging, which could leave scars for ages. Yet, having to do something with thoughts and brain, it may end differently. Well, at least it happened to me ...

I have reasons for this.

Say, I give you a situation: you are left to choose between two things; a candle and fireworks. We all know both give lights: the prettier one is of course the fireworks so one may choose this rather than the candle. This is the action taken by instinct. The heart chooses this coz of its beauty. But if you think carefully, candle lights longer than fireworks, though its light is not as sparkling and beautiful as fireworks. If you choose the candle, then you are doing it with brain.

Now if you ask me to choose between a fresh bouquet of roses and the fake ones, my instinct (heart) would definitely love to have the first one. It has those nice smell and the effect it carries with it. That's why most girls love real roses. Not many love to keep the fake ones! Now, that's my heart saying. Wanna hear my thoughts??

I'll take my mum as a very good example! Me and my sister were recently thinking of decorating the house with fresh flowers for Eid, you know to get it all different this year. Guess what she said: "Why waste your money on something that doesn't last?!"

So this year, like many many years before, we have those fake flowers beautifully arranged in vases in our living room. For the smell ... we had to buy that air freshener of course! Now this is what I say doing something with brain!

Well, enough said! I think I've said it all. But I'd like to add some to those before ending this ...

Whatever you do, either following your instinct or brain, always always always seek for at least an opinion. You never know the step that you'd do would leave that scar in you. When you're in a dilemma, always get the support from your most trusted ones.

Phew! You really got me thinking again here my friend! So, I'm gonna post this comment on my page later for everyone to read and add :)

Comment posted by Suzila A. October 10, 2008 10:33 PM


Now, let's hear your say about this people! Let's share it with all :-)


Suzila A said...

Darls~ speechlesh..i dun noe wat 2 say n thanx.. Imma simple person, who loves 2 gve opinion n tots yg termampu, n so glad u like it.. N post the topic arh ur blog.. n topic yg bef ani jua.. And off course ur comments psl previously n d latest ani, Hve 2 read it perlahan2.. && thnx again.. n nice 2 chat wit u tdi ah. Topic yg hangat.. as if mun jdikn sa2 buku pun nda hbis sis~ sigh.. Watever it is yg happen sis, sbr sja.. Jst put a smile on our face, walau hti sakit.. Yakin ada hikmah nya. && sori.. Lmbt gve coment arh ur blog.. bkn apa, im nt dat smart like ur guys.. Hve 2 takes time 2 read all ur post.. Love d english n post yg padat.. ;) n learn sumthn frm it n mcm m,bca novel.. ;) cegu tah bnar :D

Posted by Anih on chatbox:
10 Oct 08, 18:35

Suzila A said...

Anih .. Eh eh .. Just sharing thoughts dear. Nothing much special about it! :) Hope to hear what others think about it coz I really learnt a lot from the previous topic you brought up :)

Posted by Suzila on chatbox:
10 Oct 08, 21:52

Suzila A said...

Anih .. Thanks for the compliments. I'm speechless too .. Still got to learn more on what life brings actually and I do hope people will come up with more ideas and share 'em with us like before :)

Posted by Suzila on chatbox:
10 Oct 08, 21:56

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