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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gone Sicker ...

As I woke up, I chatted with Mamashasha and Anih online for a while. I wanted to go the Borneo Clinic to get some medication over my fever and flu. Mamashasha recommended Dr Lim's as Anih said Borneo would be closing early today. She was right! It closed at 11am while I got there at 12+pm. From there, I went to Gadong, only to find Dr Lim's closed as well. I guess I have to go to work tomorrow then huhu ....

I had lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant with Sharul. Then off we went to The Mall to watch a movie. It was unplanned as I didn't talk much cause everytime I did, I'd cough continuously. So I'd just make gestures to Sharul to wherever I wanted to go or do, which thank goodness he understood! So we watched "Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri". Thanks Anih for recommending it! It was a good movie to watch! I laughed in between coughs watching it! Kekeke :P
From the movie, I tried looking for a pair of shoes. I'm broke so decided not to buy one in the end as the one I found costs $40, erk!! But sure I will next month! From The Mall, we dropped by the massage house but the masseuse was on leave today! Sigh~ I needed to do the reflexology, hoping it'd lessen the flu and coughs I am having.

Tomorrow, I'll do invigilation in the afternoon so that means I'll be doing nothing at work in the morning, chiss!! I think I'll ask permission to go to the Ministry at 9am to see HA about the camp song recording this Thursday. Danny couldn't make it so I have to go replacing him.

Hope the fever will be lessen tomorrow. And I hope to get my normal voice back! Sigh~


ANIH said...

Hye darls..

Yatah.. Sunday awal 2tp tu bah Borneo Clinic ah..Nah tauz plng melihat wayang ani bah.. hehe. ubat tu dalenx..

Erm.. get well soon ah.. ;)

Suzila A said...

Hi Anih! Yea, it closed when I got there. Yup! Laughing id the best medicine ;)

Still coughing now. Hope to get well the soonest! Need to do some fitness exercises before my camping starts huhu ...

Thanks darl! :)

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