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Wednesday, 1 October 2008


(30.09.08) *Good!* That's my reply to Sharul's text as he told me that the moon was not sighted. I'm practically not ready for Raya. I've told you the reasons in my previous posts. Another reason is my tailor HAS NOT made me the baju kurung I told her to! That just made my day!! Grrr!!!

I picked up Zainul at Sungai Akar Camp at around 4.45pm. We were really late as we had to send our elder sister to the Ford Agent at Beribi. Later at home, I cooked some meals for the sungkai, cancelling my sungkai 'date' with Sharul cause it would be Zainul's 1st sungkai with us in 3 years. I was touched as he said "Now, this is what I called SUNGKAI." We had some extra meals welcoming him home: barbecue lamb, beef green curry, kailan clam sauce, fish and corn juice. Soon after sungkai, he went off to bed as he had not had his proper sleep for 3 days. Kesiaaaannnn .....

Later on at 8.30pm, I went out with Sharul and went to The Mall for an unplanned time at the cinema. We watched the Disaster Movie, which was funny and stupid at the same time. For me, it's not the right movie to watch at the cinema, especially when you can just buy the $2 DVD and enjoy it at home rather than spending $5 per head at the cinema. A waste of my time actually when I could spend it on sleeping in bed.

Later on, we had supper at the Pizza Hut. We got there at roughly after 11pm. Luckily, it closes at 12am in Ramadhan. I enjoyed the meals. I guess it's my sahur too (if Miss Mooney does not attack again!! I got hit today at 5pm!!! Grrr!!!!).

My main dish: Spaghetti with Cheese. We shared Garlic Bread with Cheese and the Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza.

The Chicken Kebab. It tastes .... weird. We couldn't finish 'em ...

While enjoying the dishes, the customers next to us were talking about their amah. We couldn't help overhear them gossipping as the seats were quite close to one another. Sharul did not like them talking about the amah that way that he shook his head several times whenever they said bad things about the so-called lazy amah. That is Sharul that I know of. A nice guy indeed.

I got home just after 12am. Stuffed and sleepy. I wish I could continue fasting tomorrow but I still got 'hit'!! But I am thankful that I managed to have my tarawikh after sahur yesterday, right up till the call of Subuh prayer. Alhamdulillah ...... :)

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