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Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Fat & Chubby Issues

This is not the entry that came in mind when I logged in today. After signing-in, I saw an up-date of HCAC Blog (the Hamids Clan Association Company <-- cousins' site). The recent topic is the above, after been translated to English. I rolled on my tummy laughing so hard reading my sister's entry on it! If you're a Bruneian, go ahead and have a read but to my Malaysian friends, you might find some words difficult to understand, sorry :-)

Click here and you're welcome to drop a few lines on our chat box or comments page :-) Have fun!!

PS: To my sister, Nurul, HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling!! Let's go out for a movie and ice-cream!!


Anonymous said...

babe...u'll be surprised that i even know some of tutong slang hahahahahhahahahahaha :-p but no..i guess i'll leave this one out hehe

Suzila A said...

Hehehe I won't be surprised! Your best friend is one! You guys are the coolest duo!! :D

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