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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Aching ..

I'm aching inside out. Can barely find a solution to my imbalanced emotion right now. Plus, I can hardly breathe easily at the mo ... Have I gained weight again?? Erk!! I blame the open houses I attended!! And the cooks who made the Raya dishes and meals delicious.

Sah! Aku naik badan Raya ani! Malas kan check barat badan cause I feel heavIER already ... Huhu :( Look at me here ...

Spot me among the beauties?? I am the only beast I guess erk!! :(

PS: Gotta take up a fitness schedule soon before my camping starts. Sigh~~


Princess Gizmo said...

Ur not a beast lah dear! U r a beauty on your own! So wanna join aerobic? ;)

dismantleddoll said...

babe..i feel the same way about my body la...sigh...i've started drinking herbalife again...dahlah tengah broke nie...aiseh tp nak wat camne.....hmmmm

Suzila A said...

Princess .. Sigh~~ I'm broke! I guess I'd just do the conventional way ... BREEZE WALKING! Huhu :S

Suzila A said...

Doll .. I read your entry. How's your tummy now darl? Hope you're feeling better ya .. :)

I guess our body is just too used to starving last month so when we take in all those yummy foods recently, this is what we got! Erk!! :S

hazel said...

samalah, me re-schedule my gym session.. kena pegi 7 hari seminggu.. semput!!

Suzila A said...

Hazel .. Ye laa .. Makan besar tiap hari mana tak semput! Sigh~~ Susah kan huhu :(

Suzila A said...

adeyh dalenx.. jgn ckp u beast eyh.. every one of us ada kecantikan tersendiri.. ;)

Posted by Anih on chatbox:
7 Oct 08, 14:22

Suzila A said...

Pls dun look down on urself...masing-masing ada kelebihan dan kecantikan yang tersendiri...

Posted by Mamashasha on chatbox:
8 Oct 08, 16:05

Suzila A said...

Mamashasha .. Hehe .. Sigh~ Gotta take that fitness schedule seriously now ... Hmmmph!

Posted by Suzila on chatbox:
8 Oct 08, 16:50

Suzila A said...

yes should..inda jua lagi lama ni...

Posted by Mamashasha on chatbox:
9 Oct 08, 18:10

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